I have a notebook

Unfortunately I am not using it like I should. Most days there are things I need to remember and I used to be able to say to myself “don’t forget to do this” and I wouldn’t forget to do it.

Not anymore.

Now I forget. I walk away and start doing something else and whatever it was I was supposed to remember gets forgotten. So my fantastic idea on how to build a salad or some new way to organize the closet gets lost somewhere between here and there only to be thought of again weeks later when I will probably forget about it later on in the day. It really is quite bad. So I got myself a pocket notebook that I can use to write down all the things I have to remember and now I have writers block.

I have nothing to write down. I am subconsciously preventing myself from using the book. I had this grandiose plan of having a notebook filled with random bits of knowledge and ideas in which I could refer to later on. It would be a physical reminder of all the great things I am capable of coming up with during the day. But that just isn’t happening right now. I don’t think it has to do with me admitting my memory sucks, I know it sucks, hence me relenting and getting the book. There is more to it than that.

What the more is, I am not sure.

That time of year…..again

It;s that time of year again, end of school.  You know what that means; teacher gifts!

Teacher gifts always stress me out.  They are supposed to be easy but they are not.

I never know what to get.  I can pretty much guarantee the teachers have enough hand lotion and coffee mugs to last them three lifetimes.  So I don’t like getting them things I know they already have too many of.

Then there is just the sheer volume of gifts I have to get.  The boys each have two teachers plus three after school teachers; that’s seven teachers that I have to buy for.  That gets expensive really fast.  Because even though I intend to spend $5 a teacher, that never happens.

So now I am trying to figure out what sort of “unique” present I can get for them.  Usually I get them all the same thing.  One present across seven teachers makes organizing easier but this year I think I might switch things up.  I am thinking of getting individual gifts for each teacher and seeing if that works out better.  Maks has one teacher who really loves Nutella so she is getting the biggest jar of Nutella I can find.  The teachers who love coffee are getting Starbucks gift cards,  The only one left is the teacher who loves music.  Maks suggested a Yamaha P105

That’s not going to happen.  I just need to figure her out and I should be in good shape.  Oh, and I need to figure all this out by Wednesday.


The Garage Sale That Wasn’t

So the plan for June was for me to have this mega garage sale. I was supposed to dedicate a weekend and clean out all the junk.  I am the first to admit it was an ambitious plan given all the stuff I have and I am not surprised that the garage sale didn’t end up happening.  I have been purging and purging and purging but there is still so much more stuff I need to go through.  It seems like there is just so much stuff.  And I keep finding random things as well.  I found toys, socks, roland drums available at Musicians Friend , baby blankets and so much more.  I just can’t believe just how much stuff we have accumulated over the years.  I have this tendency to save things in case I need them at a later date but I have to stop that.  It just causes me to have more garbage than anything else.  I also need to figure out better ways to store things.  I have things piled and stuffed into closets and I need to stop doing that.  I need to organize my closets otherwise in a couple of months I’ll be in the same position again.

Something Sunny

It’s raining and cold. It feels like summer will never start.  There were a couple of days where we had some nice weather but it never lasts long.  The rain just ends up coming back and making things soggy, cold and depressing.

So with all the gloom around me, I figured I would share something to make you smile. It makes me smile whenever I think about it.  It is something just inherently adorable and my kid did it, so it’s even cuter because of him.

Mats: “Mommy, can you tell me the story of Secure Onion?”

Me: “Who?”

Mats: “You know.  Secure Onion.”

Me: “Mats, I have no idea who Secure Onion is.”

Mats: “Yes, you do.  It’s the really tall guy with the blue ox.”


Mats: “Yea, that guy.”

Things I learned in April

Facemasks make me break out.

So I tried a couple of different kinds of face masks over the past month. They were all these random combinations of exotic ingredients meant to make my skin amazing.  I have to say that I don’t usually use things on my face.  I have good skin to start with.  I normally don’t get acne or any other kind of common skin issues.  So when it comes to my face, it’s just bar soap and water.  But I really wanted to try the face masks because they looked so cool.  (Yes, I feel for the marketing.)  So I bought them and tried them all out.  And what I learned was I should just leave well enough alone.

The first kind of mask I tried was clay. It was meant to get rid of impurities and make my face feel tighter and younger.  This one was OK.  It did what it said it would do but it didn’t have the all the pomp and circumstance of other masks.  It is was ingredients I could pronounce making my skin feel smooth, big whoop.

Then I tried a mud and algae mask. Again this one did exactly what it said it would do.  It cleansed, it tighten and it moisturized.  But like the clay mask, there really wasn’t any kind of pomp and circumstance to it.

The last mask I tried was the black charcoal mask. This was the dramatic one.  It was the one I had been waiting for.  You could feel it tightening.  After a while it was hard to talk and peeling it off resulted in all these little white things being pulled off your face.  It was satisfying actually seeing things being removed.  Since the other masks just washed off after you were done, you never really saw if they pulled gunk off of my face or not but this mask let you see the gunk it all its glory.  So I made it up in my mind, this mask was my favourite, simply because I could see what it was doing.

Until later in the week, that is. My face had started feeling funny.  It would burn when I applied lotion to it.  It was really sensitive.  And I started to notice blemishes on my skin.  I was getting blackheads and they were noticeable.  I was getting pimples.  Nothing major just little ones but I had never gotten pimples before.  It was weird. And it was all because of the face masks.  Using them deep cleaned my face, yes, but they also made my skin more susceptible to all the things I had been able to avoid for most of my life.  So now I need to figure out how to get my skin to being as resilient as it used to be.

Apple cider vinegar is not a cure all.

The next big thing for April was apple cider vinegar. A co-worker of mine swears it can help with anything going on in your life.  It’s what coconut oil was in 2016.  She swears it can help with hair loss/hair growth, weight loss and everything in-between.  So I started using it for Maks skin issues and as a hair rinse.

For Maks I made this wonderful little scrub and I have had him using it every couple of days. For my hair, I diluted the cider with some water and would use it to rinse my hair after shampooing but before conditioning once a week.

Maks used the scrub and I used the rinse for about a month and the verdict is, we are both smellier but his skin hasn’t changed and my hair is just about the same. I am sure apple cider vinegar works for some people and maybe we just aren’t giving it enough time to be effective but Maks skin condition is something we have been dealing with for a long time and it may take something stronger than apple cider vinegar to get it cleared up.  I am on the fence about whether or not I am going to keep using the apple cider vinegar in my hair.  I need some sort of reassurance the rinse is working for me to keep using it.  In my mind, if I haven’t seen any results four weeks in, it’s just not working.

*I got this cartoon from Adamtots over on Instagram. His watermark is on the cartoon if you want to check out his work.

**I didn’t try all these masks at the same time. Even though the post makes it sound that way.  I tried them over the course of the month.

Crazy cravings

I could always use a snack. I am not starving or anything but, I am always like “it would be nice if I could have a snack right now”.  There are very few occasions where I can say I am full and couldn’t eat another bite.  Those happen very rarely.

Right now, I have some crazy cravings going on for some weird stuff.

Smoked salmon – I really want some smoked salmon especially with avocado and eggs.  It’s crazy because I am not normally all about smoked salmon but lately I have been.

Ceviche – really good ceviche. I big bowl of it.  It would be awesome if I could have some ceviche now.  I would prefer a mix of seafood ceviche but I am willing to settle for shrimp ceviche.  Weird, right?

Dulce de leche – I just love the stuff. I am not particular about what the dulce de leche is on or in, I just want it to taste like dulce de leche.

My goal is to get some of the above in my belly.

Hello May!

May means I will be super busy.

It’s the start of warm weather.  (Or at least, it is supposed to be the start of warm weather.)

It’s a month of birthdays.  I have 6 birthdays to celebrate in May and there are only four weekends.  So It’s a lot of time management.

This is my confession

I raid my children’s Easter baskets after they go to bed but instead of eating all the candy, I bring it to work and add it to the communal candy bowl. I don’t think they need to eat all the chocolate and candy they got and I don’t know what else to do with it so it ends up in my office. My coworkers appreciate my thievery.