Ouchie ouch ouch!

I am hurting today. I think we need a new bed. Or maybe some new pillows or maybe I just have to find a better position to sleep in. Or maybe it could be that I am in such terrible shape that I can actually pull a muscle as I sleep. I don’t know which it is but my goodness am I achy. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and was in a ton of pain. My back, my shoulders and my neck are killing. I can’t look down or look up and to bend over to touch my toes (not that I do this on a regular basis) kills!! I have taken some Tylenol and hubby put some A535 on my back but nothing seems to be working. I am just sitting here, trying very hard not to move. Hopefully I sleep better tonight.

I’ve been married how long?!?

The hubby and I were dating for about 4 years before we got engaged, we were engaged for 1 year and in 19 days we will have been married for 2 years. I think someone needs to check the math though, because it feels like we have been married for way longer.

To me it feels like we’ve been married for like 45 years! And I don’t mean this in a bad way. It just feels like I’ve known him all my life, and according to him I almost practically just about have. That doesn’t meant that there aren’t times when I feel like whacking him in the head with a wet noodle because he forgot to clean the lint trap or lost all my clothes (see previous laundry related posts) but it feels like we’ve been together since time. I know for a fact that we are not one of those overly affectionate couples; we don’t keep track of the anniversary of our first kiss or have a ‘special’ song or anything. Goodness – to this day I am not sure when we started dating. I know it was a long time ago but I have no idea on the exact date. In fact a lot of people think that we are arguing a lot of the time but we aren’t, it’s just the way that we talk to each other. It’s not rude or demeaning or anything, we’re just loud. OK – I’m just loud, and he’s the reserved type. He doesn’t really say much, just kind of lets me go off on a tangent about whatever and will comment when he is sure I am done. I don’t think that we’re opposites, but we’re not the same, we just seem to fit together. We hug, we fight, we laugh, we know each other, and yes we have our moments where we finish each others sentences or say things the same. I don’t think that we’ve experienced some sort of metamorphosis where we’ve turned into each other because we spend so much time together. We’re just us.

I know that this anniversary won’t be filled with mushiness, and a whole bunch of lovey dovey sentiments: I’ll probably order a pizza for him and he’ll probably fold some laundry for me, nothing super fancy. But that’s just us. I think as you get older the mushy stuff isn’t as important as just spending time together. And that’s what I mean about us being married forever, we’ve been doing that since day one. I love him, he loves me and we’ve been doing this for forever, and will probably keep doing this for forever.

* I apologize if this has turned into an overly mushy post, I didn’t intend it to be. *

Lint Trap

A couple of nights ago I decided to help hubby with the laundry. I wasn’t out of the goodness of my heart, it was because I had no clean underwear and there were clothes sitting in the washer for days. So I jumped in and re-washed the stuff in the washer, and put them into the dryer to dry. When I went to clean out the lint catcher I was very surprised. I was full. So full in fact that it was stuck on the dryer. I cleaned it out and went upstairs to discuss our linty clothes with hubby. Guess what I found out, he wasn’t cleaning the lint trap. He thought that it was something that had to be done once a month!! Dude, so all those times when I’ve yelled down the stairs to remind you to clean the lint trap, you thought I was just talking for the sake of talking. No, I was reminding of something that could be potentially very dangerous. Full lint traps can cause fires!! Geez, I don’t know when I turned into my mother but I think I may have to take over the laundry again.

Horse Trauma

I have been thinking about the horse incident quite a bit and I have come up with some conclusions.

Firstly, it’s not the horse’s fault that it tried to bite me. The horse was probably in a bad mood when it snapped at me. Either it was being tormented by some kids and/or adults prior to us getting there, which resulted in it taking its anger out on me. Or maybe my voice annoyed it. I have been told that my voice can be annoying at times, so maybe it annoyed the horse and it snapping at me was his way of shutting me up. Or maybe it was cranky and just tired of being bombarded by people. Whatever the reason, I don’t blame the horse.

This being said; I think that I am traumatized. I have no desire to go back to the petting zoo and see that horse again. I am actually a little afraid of seeing the horse again because if it gets ticked at me again, it could probably hurt me if it wanted to. So I am seriously thinking about not going to the petting zoo the next time that hubby takes the baybee. But then I feel guilty about that because I will be missing out on an excursion just because I am a big chicken. I am not sure what I am going to do.

Maybe I can just hang out with the goats or I wonder if they have horse therapy??

Crazy a$$ horse

On Sunday hubby, baybee and I went off to the petting zoo. There is a local one literally right down the street and since we didn’t feel like going anywhere far away, ok we were too lazy to go anywhere far away, we decided to go there. It started off as a really nice excursion until we went into the horse pen. Most of the ponies and donkeys in the pen were super sweet. They let you come right up to them and pet them. Except for one and he did not like me! He tried to bite me…..TWICE!!! I am not sure what I did to anger him but he was really mad at me. I didn’t do anything to him but he was really ticked off. He would come really close to me and bare his teeth and I swear there were some flaring nostrils too. So needless to say I grabbed the baybee and went to see the sheep.

Mommy Super Powers

Over the past fifteen months I have discovered that I have super powers. These powers have helped me deal with the little ball of energy that has invaded my home and decided to take apart everything and put it together as he sees fit.

Super sonic hearing

I could be in the basement with the washer and dryer going and I am still able to hear when the baybee wakes up from his nap. Mind you, baybee kicks the side of the crib and starts shouting at the top of his lungs when he wakes up but that is not the point. The point is I can still hear him three floors down.

Selective super sonic hearing

I have developed the ability to completely ignore that loud noises generated by baybee and continue to function. Baybee can be banging a pot with a metal spoon and singing his version of the wheels on the bus as loud as humanly possible, and I am able to make dinner without having my head explode.

The ability to leap tall messes in a single bound

I am not sure if my legs have gotten longer or my jumping ability has improved but I think it is a combination of the two. I can now successfully leap over mounds of toys, clothes and the occasional bed in my pursuit of the baybee.

And possibly the coolest power to date – the ability to silence a child with ‘the look’

I don’t have to say anything, I just give baybee ‘the look’ and he stops whatever it is he is doing. This doesn’t last forever but just enough for him to move onto something new. This power also works on the hubby.

Thai Basil Fried Rice

I made this for dinner last night and it was very tasty. (I put the recipe on the foodie fanatic page, just in case you wanted to give it a whirl)

I made two batches one with chilies for the hubby and I and one without chilies for the baybee. He loved his rice and ate it all up. He then proceeded to harass his daddy for the rice from his plate. So being the nice daddy that he is, hubby gave baybee some of his spicy rice. And to my shock; baybee ate it all up. He did drink quite a bit of his apple juice as he ate, but he just kept coming back for more. I have a feeling that this kid is going like spicy food.

I am not anti – social, I just don’t like you

When it comes to social functions at work, I am generally a no show. My co-workers know that I am not going to show up to bowling night, or pizza lunches or whatever they have planned. I take my son to the holiday party and that’s about it. Hubby and my sis think it is because I am anti – social. This is not true. The reason is fairly simple and I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I don’t go to these things.

I just don’t like the people that attend these things.

I don’t think that I am better than anyone else, I don’t see myself as superior to anyone I work with. I just don’t like the people I work with. There are a select few that I think are great, and I like to hang out with outside of the office, but other than them, I don’t like my co-workers. I can’t stand fake people. Pretentiousness bothers me. And it appears that the majority of people that I work with are phony. When I am forced to attend these things, I tend to sit in a corner, eat as much free shrimp as I can and limit my conversations. It’s not that I am a bad conversationalist; it is that I have nothing to say to these people. I like my chats to be of substance and having a mind numbing discussion about the five year plan of the company does not appeal to me. I would rather not spend my free time here, there are other people I would rather hang out with and other things I would rather be doing. I make it a point not to waste anyone’s time, and humbly request that you don’t waste mine. So don’t feel bad when I don’t show up.

Now this doesn’t just apply to work, it refers to my life in general. I have very few friends and I am happy with that. The friends that I had, turned out to be fair weather friends, they were only interested in being in my life when it suited them. That doesn’t fly with me. I have too much going on in my life and I don’t need to be playing high school games. This being said I am fiercely loyal and the people that have stood by me can rely on me to stand by them.

So I am not anti – social, I am selective!

Spiderman, Spiderman

The baybee has turned into quite the little climber. He has pretty much mastered climbing up, into and out of things. He can scale his way up onto the couch or the bed using just about anything he can find including but not limited to hubby’s legs, his blue car or an empty shoe box. He has managed to propel himself butt first into the full laundry basket and dive head first out of the laundry basket (after he had emptied the contents). He has climbed into the fire place to play with the logs, thank God our fireplace is fake and just for show. I am seriously thinking about lowering his crib even more because I have visions of him scaling over the top onto the floor. If this happens, I am royally screwed.

Hhhmmmmm….I wonder that these are??

This is just to enlighten people to some truly delightful things out there.

A garbage can

This is used to dispose of your trash. You do not throw it out of your car window, or just drop it on the street; no, you put it into a garbage can. It’s a novel concept I know, but just try it, you may be surprised.

The turn signal on your car

The indicator, the blinkie, the signal, whatever you want to call it is on your car for a reason. You turn it on when you have to let other cars know when you are going to turn and in what direction you are going to turn in. This doesn’t just apply to the cars behind you, sometimes the cars coming toward you would like to know if you are going to turn in front of them or not.

The ‘open door’ button on the elevator

Something magical happens when you push this button, it holds open the elevator door. So if you see someone coming with their hands full or pushing a stroller, push this button and hold the door open for them.


I know that it is faster to use an elevator or escalators but the stairs work just as well. You use these things called your legs to move you from the bottom of the stairwell to the top. And another thing, instead of using an elevator or escalator to go up one floor, take the stairs that way people who need to use those things can.