A whole bunch of randomness!

I have a whole bunch of thoughts swimming around in my head right now and I just can’t seem to get them organized. As a result I have eaten half a book of veggie thins and am feeling yucky.

Here are my issues:

Beybee is still on the bottle –

According to my mother of all toddler books, beybee should be weaned off the bottle by now. But I just can’t do it. Does this mean that I am a bad mom? Am I scarring my child for life? Will he grow up and accumulate so outlandish therapy bill because he wasn’t weaned by 15 months?? I just wanna be a good mommy!!

Potty training 101 –

Beybee has started squatting when he goes poo. He walks over to the potty, opens it up and sits on it and when nothing happens he walks away. These are all signs that he is ready to be potty trained (as per the book) but it doesn’t say exactly how to potty train. Am I supposed to put him into training pants? How long is he supposed to sit on the potty for? Should I take the potty to daycare and have him use it there too? Also, what if I am misinterpreting his queues and he’s not ready? But what if I am not misinterpreting his queues and he is ready and I don’t start training him? Once again, I just wanna be a good mommy.

I’m blech!

I hate my hair and I’m fat!

100 Truths

1. real name – Meli
2. like it – It’s OK, if you like being called a bumblebee princess
4. zodiac sign – Sag
5. male or female – Female
6. elementary – Caroni H.S & Parkdale P.S.
7. middle – Parkdale P.S.
8. high – West Toronto C.I. / B.S.S.
9. college – I went to uni
10. hair color – black
11. eye color – Black
12. hair length – shoulder
13. current worries – there’s how much owing on my credit card!!!
14. race – Coolie (I am NOT East Indian, I am WEST Indian)
15. are you a health freak – I have 50+ mini choclate bars in my top drawer right now, what do you think?
16. height – 5’4”
17. do you have a crush on someone – do celebrities count?
18. do you like yourself – kinda, sorta
19. piercings – I did, but I had to take it out.
20. tattoos – yup
21. righty or lefty – Righty


22. first surgery – my kidney
23. first piercings – ear
24. first friend – in Canada: Pat, In Trinidad: Sita, in life: Leese
25. first award – outstanding achievement in Grade 6
26. first sport – um, no
27. first pet – Joey
28. first vacation – Disney World in Orlando
29. first teacher – Miss Caddoo, C.H.S
30. first crush – Ravi Sookdeo in grade 4


31. orange or apple juice – apple
32. rock or rap – rap
33. SKA or screamo – huh?
34. n*sync or backstreet boys – bsb
35. britney spears or christina aguliera – x-tina
36. night or day – day
37. sun or moon – sun
38. tv or internet – neither, book
39. playstation or xbox – neither, book
40. kiss or hug – both
41. iguana or turtle – iguana
42. spider or bee – either / or
43. fall or spring – spring
44. Limewire or iTune – iTunes
46. soccer or baseball – soccer


50. drinking – tea
51. im about to – run some reports
52. listening – to Virginia
53. singing – When I grow up by PCD (in my head not out loud though)
54. typing – this thing and an email to a client


55. want kids – got one thanks
56. when – about 15 months ago
57. want to get married – done that too
58. when – about 2 years ago
59. where do you want to live – on my own island guarded by sharks
60. how many kids do you want – One’s good for now
61. any name on the mind – Marcus is gone but I still have dibs on Avinash
62. what did you want to be when you were little – a scientist that won the Nobel prize
63. what did you think you’ll be doing – crazy experiments and saving the world
64. mellow future or wild – mellow
66. something you would never try – fire eating
67. when do you wanna die – when its time


68. lips or eyes – eyes
69. hugging or kissing – both
70. fatter or skinnier – makes no difference
71. tan skinned or light – either / or
72. romantic or spontaneous – both
73. dark or light hair – shaved!!!
74. good looking or bad looking – huh?
75. hook-up or relationship – relationship
76. similar to you or different – different in a similar way


78. kissed a stranger – nope
79. drank bubbles – yep
80. broken a bone – sprained not broken
81. climbed up a tree – nope
82. broken someones heart – I dunno
83. turned someone down – all the time
84. had your heart broken – yeppers, the bastard!! (I kid)
85. liked a friend as more than a friend – nope


86. yourself – yep
87. miracles – yep
88. love at first sight – yep but not the kind they show in movies
89. santa claus – of course
90. kiss on first date – yup
91. angels – uh huh, I got two


92. is there one or more people you want to be with right now – yep
93. who is it – Destructo, the overlord of all things breakable
94. like someone – yeppers


95. text message – Stinky, last night
96. received call – Leese
97. call made – Home
98. facebook message – Candy
99. missed call – Leese
100. last hungout with?- Stinky Binky and her mom

Yummy mummy

Yummy Mummy (as defined on Urban Dictionary)
An attractive, healthy, and very sexy mother! Usually a young woman or sometimes a really gorgeous and hot middle aged mother. Yummy mummies usually wear trendy clothes, have great hairstyles and always look fabulous.

Beybee’s daycare has a lot of these. I am not one of them but I am definitely a frumpy mummy next to them. I prefer sweat pants to dress pants and haven’t worn high heels since before I was pregnant (beybee is 15 months old! You do the math). Heck, I’m wearing flip flops now and I am dreading Fall because I won’t be able to wear them anymore. The yummy mummies at the daycare have toned physiques and are always immaculately coiffed with the snazziest clothes & beautiful shoes.

My question is – how do they do it? The days aren’t long enough for me to get everything that I need to get done, done. My days are comprised on getting up at the break of dawn (6:30am!!! The alarm goes off at 6am but I just can’t do that), then its into warp speed to get ready for work, get beybee ready for daycare and get our butts out of the house by 7:10am to beat the morning traffic. After a 9 hour work day and a 30 minute commute (each way), its home to make dinner, give beybee a bath, play for a bit, and then bedtime. Once beybee is in bed I shower, and eat – then I clean (as best as I can) and pack up lunches for the next day and then sleep. Repeat process.

I don’t have the time or energy to get my hair and nails done. Nor do I have to time to get my flabby butt to the gym or even workout at home. So to all you yummy mummies out there – how do you it?!? Please share your secret with us frumpies.

God, I hate sunny days!

OK – no I don’t. I do however hate sunny days when I am at work and beybee is at daycare. Today would be a perfect day for Milhouse to fill up the orange dino pool and for us to be splashing around. But no, instead I am stuck in an office that thinks its an igloo and beybee is fighting with Gabby for a ball. This just so sucks, and to make things even worse it’s supposed to rain this weekend.


What do you want!?

I don’t think that I am super smart. I know what I know and am willing to learn what I don’t. That doesn’t make me a genius or anything, anyone that has seen me trying to do something tech savvy can attest to that, but I have been in this industry for almost eight years so I do know stuff and I don’t mind helping.

In an average work week I have 2 – 3 random people come up and ask me for help with stuff. I don’t mind, shoot me an email or walk over to my desk; lemme know what you need and I will try my best to help you. Generally I welcome the break from my day to day and to be honest it makes me feel smart. So I usually don’t blow off my co-workers if they need my input. But there are those people that I would rather not help. The ones that turn their face when then you pass them in the hallway or bathroom but are suddenly your best friend when they need something.
The people that feel the need to ‘butter me up’ when they need something just ticks me off.

Don’t come up to me and ask if I’ve lost weight; I haven’t, what do you want?!
Don’t come up to me and ask if I’ve done something to my hair or bought new shoes; I haven’t, what do you want?!
Don’t come up to me and ask about my son; you don’t like kids, what do you want?!
come up to me and ask about my weekend, vacation or days off; it rained, what do you want?!

People: just spit it out. Let me know what you need. There is no need for small talk or chit chat. A simple: Meli would you be able to help me with xxx, will suffice. I don’t look for any praise after I’ve helped you please so don’t b.s. me before I help you.

Follow up – Crazy A$$ Horse

Hubby, Baybee & Stinky went to the petting zoo yesterday to pay another visit to the animals but I didn’t go. The horse trauma stopped me from going anywhere near the petting zoo. So I stayed at home with Auntie and worked on dinner.

When they came back they had news about the horse that snapped at me. Apparently the crazy horse was segregated from the other horses and donkeys. It seems that he has been nipping at a lot of people, not just me. So they moved him into his own pen away from everything.

Which made me wonder – what happened to this horse that made it so angry? Was it tormented constantly over the last little while or is it just a mean spirited horse? And what’s going to happen now. The petting zoo can’t keep a horse around little kids that keeps snapping, can they? What happens if someone gets bitten?

I am going to do some research and find out what happens to animals in this situation.

Ouchie ouch ouch!

I am hurting today. I think we need a new bed. Or maybe some new pillows or maybe I just have to find a better position to sleep in. Or maybe it could be that I am in such terrible shape that I can actually pull a muscle as I sleep. I don’t know which it is but my goodness am I achy. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and was in a ton of pain. My back, my shoulders and my neck are killing. I can’t look down or look up and to bend over to touch my toes (not that I do this on a regular basis) kills!! I have taken some Tylenol and hubby put some A535 on my back but nothing seems to be working. I am just sitting here, trying very hard not to move. Hopefully I sleep better tonight.

I’ve been married how long?!?

The hubby and I were dating for about 4 years before we got engaged, we were engaged for 1 year and in 19 days we will have been married for 2 years. I think someone needs to check the math though, because it feels like we have been married for way longer.

To me it feels like we’ve been married for like 45 years! And I don’t mean this in a bad way. It just feels like I’ve known him all my life, and according to him I almost practically just about have. That doesn’t meant that there aren’t times when I feel like whacking him in the head with a wet noodle because he forgot to clean the lint trap or lost all my clothes (see previous laundry related posts) but it feels like we’ve been together since time. I know for a fact that we are not one of those overly affectionate couples; we don’t keep track of the anniversary of our first kiss or have a ‘special’ song or anything. Goodness – to this day I am not sure when we started dating. I know it was a long time ago but I have no idea on the exact date. In fact a lot of people think that we are arguing a lot of the time but we aren’t, it’s just the way that we talk to each other. It’s not rude or demeaning or anything, we’re just loud. OK – I’m just loud, and he’s the reserved type. He doesn’t really say much, just kind of lets me go off on a tangent about whatever and will comment when he is sure I am done. I don’t think that we’re opposites, but we’re not the same, we just seem to fit together. We hug, we fight, we laugh, we know each other, and yes we have our moments where we finish each others sentences or say things the same. I don’t think that we’ve experienced some sort of metamorphosis where we’ve turned into each other because we spend so much time together. We’re just us.

I know that this anniversary won’t be filled with mushiness, and a whole bunch of lovey dovey sentiments: I’ll probably order a pizza for him and he’ll probably fold some laundry for me, nothing super fancy. But that’s just us. I think as you get older the mushy stuff isn’t as important as just spending time together. And that’s what I mean about us being married forever, we’ve been doing that since day one. I love him, he loves me and we’ve been doing this for forever, and will probably keep doing this for forever.

* I apologize if this has turned into an overly mushy post, I didn’t intend it to be. *

Lint Trap

A couple of nights ago I decided to help hubby with the laundry. I wasn’t out of the goodness of my heart, it was because I had no clean underwear and there were clothes sitting in the washer for days. So I jumped in and re-washed the stuff in the washer, and put them into the dryer to dry. When I went to clean out the lint catcher I was very surprised. I was full. So full in fact that it was stuck on the dryer. I cleaned it out and went upstairs to discuss our linty clothes with hubby. Guess what I found out, he wasn’t cleaning the lint trap. He thought that it was something that had to be done once a month!! Dude, so all those times when I’ve yelled down the stairs to remind you to clean the lint trap, you thought I was just talking for the sake of talking. No, I was reminding of something that could be potentially very dangerous. Full lint traps can cause fires!! Geez, I don’t know when I turned into my mother but I think I may have to take over the laundry again.