First day…..cont

I forgot something…..

I hate the fact that I have 17 pages of homework to do. I hate the fact that we have a quiz next week. And I hate the fact that the textbook weighs 25 pounds.

But other than that, it was alright.

First day

Yesterday was the first day of work imposed education, and it was alright.

I hated the fact that by the time I got home baby was asleep. I hate the fact that I only got to see him for like 10 minutes. I hate the fact that I didn’t get to give him a bath, feed him dinner, or put him to bed. I hate the fact that I only got to see Milhouse for 20 minutes before I crawled into bed and fell asleep. I hate the fact that I didn’t get to eat dinner. I hate the fact that the class is 4 hours long, with only 2 ten minute breaks. I hate the fact that the air condition in the class was set to igloo. I hate the fact that the chickie beside spent the night copying my notes.

But other than that, it was alright.

P.S. How do you eat a tomato?

This is getting ridiculous

I am seriously thinking of going to use the gas station bathrooms instead of the ones here. Since I don’t smoke, I figure I could use my ‘smoke break’ time to drive over to the gas station. The ones here are getting so nasty that I am thinking that the gas station may actually be cleaner. I get so grossed out going in there. I am wearing an ankle length dress today and I had to lift it up because there were all kinds of puddles on the floor and not all of them were just water.
I don’t get it all the women that work here are suits, so self absorbed and only concerned with appearance but then they go into the bathroom and turn into nasty truck drivers. I have gone so far as to send a message to administration about the condition of the bathrooms and nothing has been done. So until something changes I am not going to go potty here anymore.

I ain’t no girlie girl

This weekend I discovered I have lost my girliness. At one point I was a girlie girl, I could rock the high high heels, the make up and the mini dress. Not anymore. Twice this weekend I had to get all gussied up and I was at a total loss. It didn’t help that on Friday my dress was a crumpled mess because I didn’t have time to iron it and on Saturday my dress ripped. I needed help walking in my shoes, and they weren’t even that tall and my make up looked like it had been put on by a blind elephant. I took it all as signs from the Gods that maybe just maybe I should just stick to my sweat pants and flip flops. And when I feel like dressing up, I should put on a nice t-shirt.

You think that would fly??

Ode to the Pear Tree

O dear ‘ole pear tree,
How I despise thee.
You are the bearer of yucky fruit,
And a ton of bumblebees to boot.
How I wish they would cut you down
But alas you’re still around.

Holy Camoley Batman!!

First grade is scary!! My niece start grade one on Tuesday and she was all ready but I don’t think I was.

There are all these things that pop into your head, all these scary things are and how she was going to handle them. OK they are not that terribly frightening for an adult but for a six year old…

The bus:

Where is going to sit?
Who is she going to sit with?
What is going to happen when she gets off the bus?
Would she know what bus to get on when its time to leave?
Would she know what stop to get off on or would she be wondering some strange street in search of her mommy?


Who would she eat lunch with?
Would she eat her lunch?
Is she going to make friends?
How is going to handle bullies?
Are there cliques in grade 1 or does everyone just get along?


Would the older kids pick on her?
Who would she play with?
What if she doesn’t have anyone to play with?

Ai 1st grade is so scary!!

P.S. She did wonderfully

OK, I realize that I was freaking out over nothing. My niece had a great first day and *knock wood* she is liking school.
But really what did I expect, she’s a genius and a super friendly kid. I know she’ll do awesome.