Ma Familia

Since my family are the main focus of this blog.  I figured I should tell you a bit about them.


The geekiest boy I have ever met.  He loves the Simpsons but he is more of a Milhouse than a Bart.  Every Monday night he makes me a Prison Break widow, and can spend hours with his nose pressed against the glass at the Ferrarri dealership.  Hates reading as much as he hates exercise, but would jump out of a plane for a pizza.

My heart for almost 11 years.  We dated for about 5 years, were engaged for a year and  now we’ve been married for almost six years.  I was in a very bad place when I met him and he helped pull me back up onto my feet.  He showed me just how totally awesome I am, and made me feel that I was capable of doing just about anything.  He’s been there through my lowest lows and my highest highs.  I love him totally and completely and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Maks and Mat

A.k.a.  My boys, a.k.a.  the best things that have ever happened to me.  Maks is my first born son.  Mat was born three years later.  Since they entered my life they have been an unstoppable force with endless energy.  To say they keep me busy is an understatment.

They are my life.  From the moment there were born they had me wrapped around their little finger.  I don’t remember what my life was like before them.  They bring a happiness to my life that I have never experienced before.  I look forward to every new day because I like to explore the world through their eyes.

Maks is the outgoing one.  He is the one that has no qualms about going out and making new friends.  He talks, interacts and runs.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and loves to love.

Mat is quiet, cool and collected.  He likes to take his time warming up to people.  He hasn’t quite mastered talking yet but he is a master walker and thinks when I put something high so he can’t get into it as a challenge.

I hope that they never experience heartbreak, losing the big game or losing a pet.  I hope that their life is filled with happiness always.  I love them more than words could ever express.


Stinky binky bum bum head, a.k.a. the Ninja Princess is my niece.  She’s almost 10 going on 25.  Loves all things pink, and girlie.

She’s my first baby and I love her like she was my own.  I would not think twice about giving her whatever she asks for.  I hope everyday that her life is filled with happiness and wonder.  I never want her to experience sadness.  I hope she never gets her heart broken.  And the night she goes on her first date, I fully intend to wait up and grill her when she gets home.



Stinky’s mommy and my sister (or at least that is what my parents would have me believe).  I believe that she was hatched from a coconut tree, you figure that one out.  She is the overlord of all things lalala and blah blah blah. 

A born skeptic, critic and loudmouth.  She loves all things pink (it is a genetic trait that she and Stinky share), shows about teenage angst and those ridiculously slow R & B songs about love and heartbreak.  She is a very ungirlie girlie girl, who can drive like a boy and swear like a truck driver.  She’s the rational ying to my irrational yang.  Without her I would have no proof that life on other planets really exists.  She is not only living proof that aliens have visited earth, she is proof that their queen stayed behind to procreate and to test my patience.

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