P90X – Day 1

So Beanz and I started P90X yesterday.  Doing P90X wasn’t something that we had planned on doing.  But last month a family friend who is now a Beach body coach, reached out to us and asked if we would be part of it.  As someone who loves Insanity, the idea of doing P90X was enticing.  After months of Insanity, I am bored with the workout and in need of something else.  Something that would give me the same kind of workout but something that was different from what I had been doing with Insanity.

P90X was very different from Insanity.

  • P90X is a slower kind of workout.  Insanity is very fast paced and focuses on a lot of running, jumping, lunges and squats.  It’s a whole body kind of work out in up to 60 minutes.  P90X focuses on one set of muscles at a time.  The movements are low impact and more controlled than Insanity.  And because of that at times, the exercises get boring.
  • P90X uses equipment.  In the first workout you needed to have workout bands, chin up bars, and weights.  These are all things that you needed to make the exercises work for you.  Insanity doesn’t need any of those things.  You use your body for resistance.
  • p90X is methodical.  Part of the workout is to record how many repetitions of the exercise you do and on the next set you have to challenge yourself to do better than you did the first time around.  I really like this premise but the idea of finishing a set of exercises and stopping to write down your results is too much for me.  When I get into a groove I don’t want to stop to record how I am doing.  If I stop I lose momentum.

I am going to keep going on P90X but I am not sure if I am going to be able to make it through the entire 90 days without getting too bored.

The Insanity has begun

Millhouse has started Insanity.

So far he hasn’t made it through an entire DVD yet but it’s expected.  We started on the 2nd DVD because the first DVD is harder than the second one.  The second one is the one that lets your body rest after going hard core at the beginning.  I didn’t think that Millhouse was physically ready to go hard core for an hour yet so I switched up the DVD’s.

My thinking behind doing it that way was this, Insanity is hard and in the 10 years that Millhouse and I have been together, he has never, ever, ever worked out.  He would go for walks every once in awhile but he has never even attempted to start a workout regime.

So this is a pretty big step.

For the first workout, he made it through the warm up and the stretching.  But he wasn’t able to keep going for the actual workout itself.

The second time, he made it through the warm up, stretching and about half of the exercises.

The next time we work out (which is tomorrow) he is going to push himself to make it through the entire DVD.  Right now there are no guarantees that he will be able to make it through the entire DVD tomorrow but at he is trying and that’s all I can ask for.

Insanity squared

Millhouse is going to start doing Insanity with me.

He is impressed with my weight loss on Insanity and he wants to see if it can work for him like it has worked for me.

I have a feeling that he is going is do awesome on him and lose a lot of weight.

I just think that he needs to apply himself and not cheat.  If he cheats, then it is not going to work.  You have to make the decision to be dedicated and not stray from a diet and workout plan.

I know that the first month is going to be the hardest.  It was the hardest for me.  It was harder to change my diet than to start my exercising but there were so many times in the first month that I wanted to quit but I didn’t.

And that is when I started to see results.

I hope the same happens for him.

It’ll make sticking to the program so much easier.

The red dress chronicles

This is me in December.
Millhouse bought me this dress two years before and I had never worn it.
I decided to wear it to my work Christmas party.
I was 165+ lbs and wearing Spanx under my dress.
I started Insanity in January.
This is me at the beginning of February.
I was 148lbs in this picture.
I wasn’t wearing Spanx.
The next picture I will take in this dress will be at the end of this month.
I am hoping to be down to 140lbs by then and forever free of the Spanx.

3 Days of Insanity

Now that I am gotten my eating, mostly, under control, I decided that it’s time to step up my exercise routine.  To lose 30 pounds by February means that zumba for playstation wasn’t going to cut it. 

I needed something hardcore.

So I started doing Insanity.

Insanity is the program that is for those that have made it past P90X.  I never made it through P90X but I am determined to make it through Insanity.

I have been doing it for three days now and it hurts.  I sweat like crazy.  I use muscles harder than I have used them in a long time.  In the first night I think I did something like 100+ pushups, 100 squats, and 50+ lunges. 

It’s insane.

But I am hoping that this hardcore work up along with my seriously strict calorie counting helps me lose the weight that I need to lose in time.

I will be so disappointed in myself if I don’t lose this weight.

Slim Fast

If you follow me on Twitter or saw the little blurb I wrote last week, you know that I started SlimFast last week.  Regular dieting wasn’t working for me and I had to take some drastic measures to lose some weight.  Over the past week and a half, I lost two pounds, then fell off the wagon and gained back four pounds and then went back on the wagon.

It has been a rough week and a half so far.  But I think that I have finally managed to find a way to stay on track and handle the two things that have been giving me the most trouble.

  1.  Eating on schedule.  On SlimFast you are allowed two shakes, two 100 calorie snacks, and one 500 calorie meal a day.  When I first started the program, I chose lunch as the meal that I would have and I figured that I would have a shake for breakfast and dinner.  The shake for breakfast worked out well.  I am not a big breakfast person to start with, so a shake for breakfast made things easier.  Dinner was the hard part.  I couldn’t have a shake when everyone else around me was having dinner.  Watching everyone eat would make me hungry and I would cave and eat with them.  That would throw me off my calorie count for the day and make me feel awful about myself.  So this week, I switched my meal from lunch to dinner.  Now I have both my shakes at work and it makes things easier.  I am swamped at work right now and most days I don’t have time to stop for lunch so having a shake makes “eating” easy.  I don’t notice that I’m just having a shake because I am so focused on work.  This way I have a smallish dinner and I don’t feel guilty.   Right now the maximum I am eating is 1200 calories a day which without any exercise means that I will lose at least a pound a week.
  2. Weekends.  On the weekends I eat more because I cook more.  I make huge bacon and egg breakfasts with French toast or home fries.  I make big lunches and dinner and I bake a lot.  I will whip up soups, lasagna, pizzas, curries, and rice dishes on Saturday and Sunday.  There are lots of weekends where I make more than one main dish.  I have been known to make a Sheppard’s pie, spinach and feta pizza, veggie lasagna and cupcakes all in one day.  Because I have the time to cook, I cook.  Cooking relaxes me but eating makes me happy and having all that food makes me happy so I eat a lot.  Being on SlimFast means that I can’t eat anywhere as much as I normally eat on weekends and that is hard.  I can’t stop myself from making the big meals but I have to stop myself from eating it all.  So I have decided to focus on the cooking part of my weekend and forcing myself not to think about the eating part.  It’s the hardest part of the program so far but I have to stick with it.  I have no choice.

Busy Weekend

We had so much going on this weekend, it was crazy busy.  Looking at it on paper, it doesn’t look like much but actually doing it is hard.

This is what we did:


  • Got up and out of the house by 9am so we could run some errands and get the grocery shopping out of the way.  We were back home by 11am but by the time we had put away all the groceries and tidied up it was noon.
  • At 1230 Beanz and I went to bootcamp for two hours.  We got our butts kicked.  It still hurts me to sit and stand up today.  My muscles are aching in my upper thighs and butt but I am still going to push myself to work out.  I need to get fit.  Millhouse stayed home with the kids and ordered pizza for lunch.
  • At 4pm we organized the kids, got them all dressed in their snowsuits and light up Santa hats and headed over to the local Santa Claus parade.  Baby was in his snowsuit and smushed into his carrier.  I kept him strapped to my stomach the whole time because I was afraid of having “walk” in the big crowds.  It rained a little bit when we first got there but things cleared up, just as the parade started and the kids got to see Santa about two hours after we got there.  The kids were happy they got to see Santa but by the time he had passed by, they just wanted to go home.  Having a parade at night is pretty with all the lights but it can also be really draining on the kids and parents alike.
  • When we got home, it was a quick dinner of leftover pizza, baths and bed.  I went to sleep when the kids did because I was exhausted and my muscles were killing me.


  • Woke up in crazy pain, my leg muscles felt like they were on fire, and with a head cold.  I think going to the outdoor Santa Claus parade with damp hair wasn’t the best idea.
  • At 11am, Beanz and I packed up the big kids and we headed over to the movie theater to see Happy Feet 2.  It was a super cute movie.  The kids enjoyed it, and I liked the second one better than the first.  I think there were more songs in this one and I liked that part of it.
  • After the movie, the kids had reading time and I made a lasagna and bread salad for dinner.  By the time I got the food together, I felt completely like crap.  So I gave the boys dinner and their baths, then I had some ginger tea and was in bed by 7pm.  Millhouse was in charge of bedtime.

I still feel crappy today but I am hoping to shake this cold by the weekend.  I am going to steal some of Millhouse’s Cold FX and see if that helps me.  Also, my legs, are very sore and achy!  I think that I may have pulled something on Saturday.  I am literally walking funny because my legs hurt so bad.  Maybe going as hard as I did at bootcamp was not the best idea.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan

I have all kinds of excuses why I can’t exercise. 

  • My mom was in the hospital.
  • I have laundry to do.
  • I’m tired.
  • Someone has to make dinner and clean up.
  • I’m tired.
  • I need to go get groceries.
  • I’m tired
  • The treadmill is buried in the garage and Millhouse doesn’t want to pull it out.

So for now I’ve given up on getting in my exercise and concentrating on my diet.  I am going to limit my calorie intake to 1200 calories a day.  That means that if all goes as planned, I will be down to 120lbs by the time February hits.

This is what I was supposed to eat today.


  Smoothie: Blend 1 cup frozen berries, and 8 ounces fat-free milk

  cheese sandwich


  1 cup vegetarian vegetable soup

  1 veggie empanada


  4 ounces broiled fish

  2 sliced plum tomatoes, broiled until just golden

  1 cup cooked brown rice

  1 cup steamed veggies

 I didn’t quite eat that.  I had a mini chocolate bar and a mini bag of chips and didn’t have the dinner that they listed.  I had half a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.  As time goes on I am going to get even more strict with my diet and follow the diet plan as it is set up with no exceptions.

 I can fully admit that this doesn’t fill me up.  I try to control my snacking but there are extra things that are going to start popping up on my meal plan.  I can’t help that.  I am going to try, really hard, to only eat healthy snacks but sometimes those damn cheetos just call to me.  And I know by Friday I will become a crazed, cranky woman in desperate need of mass quantities of sugar.  But I am going to stick with it.  

I need to get this weight off.

Tis Insanity

My weight bothers me.

I figure that’s pretty obvious given that I have over 50 posts dedicated to my weight.  I hate the way I look, I hate the way I feel, and I really wish that I had the drive to maintain a substantial weight loss.

So because the cycle of my yoyo dieting wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t try something to lose weight again, I am trying another personal trainer program.  This one is called Insanity.

It’s a more intense version of P90X.  I have heard a lot of good things about P90X.  I really enjoyed it when I tried it three years ago.  But I wasn’t able to get the discs this time around, so I decided to sttep things up this time around.

I haven’t actually started the program yet and I ate a chocolate chip cookie today so I intend to start tomorrow.


I’m going to start tomorrow.


Parental Portion Control

*Warning to Millhouse, I am going to talk about you and I and our struggles with our weight.  Heads up.*

No one would ever, EVER, *EVER*, call Millhouse and I lightweights.  According to our BMI’s we are both overweight.  But we don’t need our BMI’s to tell us that.  Our pants tell us that.  Our BMI’s tell us we’re at the top of the scale of overweight, we are dangerously close to being obese.  I have no medical reasons why we’re like this.  We have no physical ailments that prevent us from eating healthy or being active.

We just aren’t.

One of us has been known to eat an entire large pizza over the span of six hours.  One of us has been known to eat an entire cake over the span of 12 hours.  Cases of pop don’t last a week.  Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, white bread, and butter don’t last very long under our roof.

We have very bad habits.  We need to change. 

We need to change for one reason.

Our kids copy what we do.

I’ve heard parents in the daycare tell the teachers NOT to give their kids second helpings.  If they ask for more, they are supposed to say no.

I can’t do that.

I can’t tell Maks no if he wants a second, third or fourth helping.  It makes me feel happy to see him eat.  It makes me feel good to know that my son has had enough to eat and is comfortably full.  The thought that I would deprive my child *on purpose* bothers me. 

Then I worry.

I worry that I am fostering the same bad habits in Maks that his dad and I have.  I am scared to death that Maks will be overweight.  I am scared to death that Maks will grow up being inactive.  I am scared that he will develop diabetes or some other weight related ailment.

I want a healthy child but I am worried that my resistence to implement portion control will be detrimental to his health in the long term.

And that scares me.