Medically Recommended Lifestyle Change

Millhouse was diagnosed with high cholesterol last week. This is something major for him and with all the other health issues that he has going on, the doctor has decided that some major changes are required.

He is putting Millhouse on a medically supervised lifestyle change. He will be completely restricting how and what Millhouse eats. This program has been very successful but it requires dedication. There are fortnightly appointments with the doctor and blood draws at every visit and if they find out that you have been cheating you are kicked out of the program.

Because this will be a very difficult transition for Millhouse and since we could all use help in this regard and to provide Millhouse with some moral support, the boys and I will also be going on a modified version of the program.

Millhouse’s version of the program is extremely strict. For the first phase; he can only eat lean proteins and vegetables grown above ground with no sugars which means no potatoes, starches, corn, peas, tomatoes, carrots, onions, or garlic. So he cannot have fruit, dairy, grains, carbs, processed foods, loads of caffeine and anything with sugar. So for the first phase he will basically only be eating chicken salad or fish and leafy vegetables. He can have sweet peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and leafy greens.   That is all. He will be miserable.

The boys and I will have a phase one as well but ours will include dairy and grains.

Once Millhouse completes phase one, he moves on to phase two which is less restrictive. He can have limited dairy and some grains. But again his diet will be very strict because the doctor is not only trying to help him lose weight but also control his cholesterol. Once Millhouse makes it past the second phase, then he will be in the home stretch. The last phase is the maintenance phase and it is when he is supposed to use all the habits that he learned in the first two phases.

This all seems very extreme but I work with people that have gone through this and they have been very successful. Each of them lost 50+lbs and have kept it off for years. But they both say that you need to be dedicated to the program and not cheat. They told me that making it through phase one is the hardest. That is where we have to stay the most dedicated. If we can make it through phase one then we will be fine.

Once you hit the maintenance phase, you are allowed some junkier foods so that you don’t feel completely deprived and fall off the wagon. But both ladies have told me that you need to keep the junky treats to a minimum because once you start having them, and then it is really easy to fall back into old routines.

Millhouse has it doubly hard because he uses food to stay awake. Since he works nights, he will eat junk food to stay awake on his ride home or keep him moving during the night. He drinks a lot of coffee and pop as he is running around at night doing things because it helps to keep his mind off of how tired he actually is. Taking away all of those things will make his nights even harder. He will have to find other ways to keep himself awake or have the very real risk of falling back into his old habits. The boys and I will try to support him at home but when he is not with us is when he will have the most temptations. Right now he is taking his lunch and snacks with him but I think that the day he forgets his lunch at home, will be that really tests his resolve.

With warm weather comes an illusion of grandeur

Alternate post title – I am going to try running again

Over the weekend, the weather was pretty nice.  And by pretty nice, I mean above freezing (almost to double digits) and sunny.  So the runners all came out.

In droves.

I had no idea that there were so many runners and running groups in my neighbourhood but it seemed like they all poured out of their homes this weekend and started running down the street.

So I have decided that I am going to start running too.

To me, runners are so effing resilient.  They seem to be able to keep moving in the face of anything.  Literally, I have seen runners on my street running during snowstorms, frozen sidewalks and heat waves and I love that.  To me, it has to be more than the intestinal fortitude of the runner that drives them to do that, it has to be the love of the run.

I want to have that kind of drive.  That love of the run.

I have run before* and it is something that I enjoy doing when I do it.  The problem with me is, I get bored, or hot, or tired and just stop running, especially if I don’t have some sort of end point or goal in mind.  At one time, I said I was going to run a half marathon or something along those lines, you know do a couch to 5k kind of thing, but then I couldn’t keep the training up because my heart really wasn’t into running a marathon.

I really want to do one of those dirty obstacle course things, like a mud run or foam run or something, but we don’t really have any of those around here.  If we did, I would totally be all up on that.  The idea of doing something outrageously fun while exercising, is usually what drives me.

I know that I could run for the betterment of my health, but that idea never lasts long.**  Running is something that I need to do to get somewhere or accomplish something.

I can never just run for the sake of running.

So this time my end goal is to run until I find that love of the run.  Figure out what exactly it is that drives the crazy runners to keep running.

Hopefully that works for me.

*I usually start 6 weeks before Caribana, when I am in a mad panic because my body is nowhere near ready to be parading around in a teeny swimsuit in front of a million or so people and then I stop the day after the parade.

**it usually gets derailed by chocolate cake or a deep fried chocolate bar.

Chicken Wings & Mother Nature & A Juice Cleanse

**TMI WARNING:  This post is about stuff that’s not so pretty.  So if you are looking for something flowery, this isn’t it.***

I am off the juice cleanse for now.

Yesterday, I decided to start my Insanity workouts again.  I knew that being on a only juice cleanse and doing an Insanity workout would not work.  Insanity is very hardcore.  When I am eating three meals and two snacks a day, I am starving and drained after an Insanity workout.  I need to eat after I am done.

Have to eat.

So I decided to have some protein to prepare myself for the workout.  Now, I’m not stupid.  I knew how my body would react to having actual food in my stomach during the cleanse and I prepared myself mentally for it.  I got ready for the cramping, the bloating and over all uncomfortableness that would result a couple hours after eating.  But I did it anyway because I did not want to pass out during or after my workout.

So I had some chicken wings.

Was it the best and most healthy choice?


Was it the most convenient?


Did my body react the way that I thought that it would?

Totally.  But I was ready.  I knew to expect and I was OK.

Was I prepared for what else happened next?


About two hours after I ate, I got my period.  My period was about three days late when it finally showed up.  Now, my period is normally on time, all the time.  So it showing up three days late was a little distressing.  I ended up chalking it up to just a miscalculation on my part.  This period wasn’t like a normal period wither.  It was a lot lighter and no where as painful as my periods normally are.  That part I wasn’t really complaining about and just accepted it that way.

Then this morning, I started back my cleanse again and my period disappeared again.  So I ate something solid at about 2pm in anticipation of another Insanity workout and two hours after eating, my period came back again.  Now I am thinking that my period isn’t coming in like it normally would because my calorie intake is just that low.

So I am quitting the cleanse for now.  Not having my period around because my body is in starvation mode and is unable to menstruate properly is crazy.

The whole point of this thing was to get healthier not make myself sick.

Juice Cleanse – Day 2, 3, and 4

OK, so I am still going on this juice cleanse.

It’s been 4 days and I’ve lost 6lbs.

It doesn’t seem like much but it’s a lot.  I can see it in my body.  I see it in the way my clothes fit.

Seeing these results doesn’t mean that this is getting any easier.

This whole mind over matter stuff is hard.  You really have to be dedicated and you really have to want it.

Work makes this cleanse bearable.  If I wasn’t at work, I don’t think that I would have lasted this long.  I am distracted for most of the day when I’m there.  Lunch time is the hardest part of my work day because I sit really close to the kitchen, so when people start to warm up their lunches, I can smell it and that is just pure torture.  When that happens, I try to get up and go wandering around for a bit.  That way I am not sitting there drooling while people warm up their frozen dinners.

And then coming home is hard.  When I come home; food is the first thing that I have to deal with.  That’s the most tempting part of my day.  I really have to stay strong when it comes to dinner time.  There have been some times when I’ve strayed.  I did eat a half of a fish stick or a pepperoni slice but then the cramps I get after don’t make it worth the cheating*.  Mine you, I did have a cup of caffeinated tea today and my reaction to it was distressing.  I was jittery and on edge for most of the morning.  Given that I used to have 2 – 3 cups of coffee or tea a day, this surprised me the most.  My body reacted really badly to the caffeine after not having it for 4 days.

Emotionally, I feel weird.  I am weepy and more emotional than I normally am.  I am not sure if that is a result of the cleanse or PMS but I am thinking that the cleanse may be magnifying my PMS symptoms, which really isn’t good for anyone that is around me right now.  Also, I have been getting headaches around bedtime.  I am not sure if that is because I start to drink more water around bedtime and my body is going through juice withdrawal.

I am not sure if I am going to go the entire 10 days yet.  Part of me wants to stop after 7 days but then there is a part of me that wants to see just how far I can take this, how far I can push myself.

I guess it comes down to whether or not I have the will power to keep going.

I am not sure if I do or not.

But we’ll see.

*apparently, my stomach is shrinking, and because of that when I eat anything it results in cramps and bloating because my stomach isn’t used to the food.

Day 1 – Juice Cleanse (Take Two)

OK, I am officially calling day one of the juice cleanse over.

I survived.

I’m not really hungry but I am not full either.

I miss the act of eating itself.  And I think that will be my downfall.

Here’s my full recap of today:

I got up around 7am and the very first thing that I did was a water flush.  I had to drink a litre of water before I could begin any of my juices.  I did that this morning before I even took a shower.  Yesterday I did this after I had been awake for a couple of hours and I think that is what screwed me up for the majority of the day.  I was hungry when I did my flush and that carried through all day yesterday.

Today was different.  It made my slightly nauseous but it wasn’t as hard to do as yesterday.  Drinking all that water as soon as I got up made things easier.  I was able to distract myself by doing my regular morning routine and that was really helpful.  When it came time to have my first juice, it wasn’t too bad.  I made it spicy because when things are spicy, I tend to consume them better.  And then I went about my day.  I had my ever present juice cup with me for most of the day, even when I went out to run some errands with Beanz and the Ninja Princess.  I have to get used to taking my “food” with me whenever I go out.  Before all this I would just get something while we were out, if I was hungry.  I don’t have that option anymore.  I can’t buy anything.  I have to have my juice or nothing at all.

And the nothing at all really sucks.

After running some errands, we came home and I made dinner for everyone else* and another juice for me.  Then it was bed and bath time for the boys and that is where I stand right now.  At present I am chilly and have a slight headache but other than that I am OK.  I made a cup of herbal tea and I am hoping that will warm me up.  Also, I have had to potty a whole lot today, but that is to be expected because all I am consuming is liquids.  I don’t think that I am too cranky but I do feel off.  One thing that a lot of the blogs said was that I would be a lot more alert and full of energy on this cleanse.

I’m not.

I’m tired.  That’s nothing new though.  I tend to be tired a lot on most days.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t be as tired as I normally am.  Lastly, I tried to work out today but I wasn’t able to get a full workout in.  It has nothing to do with the cleanse though, the kids were awake when I tried to workout and they wouldn’t let me workout.  Tomorrow I am going to try and get a full workout in and see how I feel.

*they had some super fabulous looking lasagne.

What my cleanse is all about

Shauna asked about my juice cleanse so I decided to fill you guys in on exactly what I am doing*.

I am doing a modified version of the Master Cleanse.  The master cleanse or the Beyonce diet is a cleanse that calls for you to just have a “lemonade” made from lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper; herbal teas and water in unlimited amounts for 10 days.  Apparently people who do this cleanse lose up to 20lbs in 2 weeks.

I am the first person to admit that I am not sold on how healthy just having “lemonade” is.  Losing 20lbs in two weeks does sound so very amazingly wonderful but I am worried about what kind of damage losing that much weight, that quickly, would do to my body.  And because of that I am not quite doing the cleanse the way that Beyonce did it.

After doing some research on Dr. Google and You Tube, I have decided that I am integrating various juices into my cleanse.  I will have a variety of fruit and vegetable based juices**, in addition to, the “lemonade” drink that the master cleanse advocates for the next two weeks.  I intend to use the fruit and vegetable juices as “meals” and the lemonade as my snacks.  Now I am fully aware that the weight that people lose on liquid diets come back just as soon as solid foods are reintroduced into your diet.  But I am hoping to get to a weight that I can maintain.

Maintenance has always been my issue, I am hoping that this propels to a weight that I can control and maintain.

*Yes, I am doing this again.  I started again this morning but that is blog post for another day.

** the juices are;  the green juice – romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon, the dessert juice – pineapple and mint, and the lunch juice – beet with apple and carrot

I ate a mutherfrickin’ chicken nugget!

OK, juice cleanse totally derailed.

I gave up and ate a chicken nugget.

I just can’t do this at home.  I am surrounded by food.  I need to do this when I am back at work and can distract myself with work rather than children and their blasted chicken nuggets.

Day 1 – Juice Cleanse

So I woke up this morning and followed through with my plan to start my juice cleanse today even though Beanz and I have a lunch date today.

My plan was to start as soon as I woke up but after going through all the things that I needed to do the first part of the cleanse, I realized that I had purchased the wrong types of ingredients.

So in the beginning of a snow storm, I ran over to the store for the right stuff.

And I started.

And nothing.

Things were supposed to start happening right away.

And nothing.

I am not sure if I did something wrong or if my measurements were off or what but nothing.

So I moved on to the second part.

And the opposite of what is supposed to happen is happening.

Apparently, these blasted juices are to fill you up and keep you feeling full all day.  Every single review I read said the exact same thing:  “I drank the juices all day and I wasn’t hungry at all”.

That’s not happening.


I want cheetos!!  And dried mangoes!  And a fried egg with toast and bacon!

But I have yet to eat a cheeto and I a trucking along with this blasted thing.

I am not overly cranky though.  I am more “lost” than anything else.  I spend a good deal of time, cooking, snacking and eating especially in the winter.  Take away the food component from my day and I don’t know what to do with myself.  And I don’t feel like doing anything else.  I want to cook and eat and I can’t and that is bothering me even more.

Only 9 and a half days to go.

Let’s see what happens.

Also, I am planning on vlogging this.  I am not sure if that will work or not because I have never really tried out this v – log thing but I am hoping that it works because I am way more vocal when it comes to my videos than I am my posts.

Getting the crap out

I’ve fallen off the wagon and gained about ten pounds in the last couple of months.

It sucks.

It sucks even more because I have Trinidad Carnival in less than two months and I based my costume for Trinidad Carnival on the measurements that I was before I gained back all the weight.

So as of tomorrow I get tough on myself.

I am going on a juice cleanse for 10 days.

It’s a fast to get the toxins out of me and to kick start my metabolism.  I am going to start working out hard again.*

I am starting it tomorrow because I am off work until January 2nd.  Starting a cleanse on Saturday lets me get the majority of the cleanse over and done with before I go back to work.  As much as I despise work, I think I would despise it even more if I was living off various juices and not able to partake in any of the inevitable goodies that people will bring in from over the holidays.

To be perfectly honest, I am terrified of this fast.  I know it is going to be hard.  I know that I am going to want to cheat.  I know that there are days when I am not going to want to work out but I have to make myself do this.  Also, if I cheat my body will rebel against me.  According to everything that I have read and seen on You Tube, you have to be dedicated to this fast.  You have to want it and not cheat even the teeniest bit or else the physical pain from cheating is extreme.

This is going to be way harder than anything else that I have ever done.

But I am going to do it.

*that means I will be doing Insanity at night and Asylum in the mornings.