Random Thought Thursday

I don’t think that I have done one of these in a couple of years.  They so suit me though, so I decided to resurrect them.  I probably won’t do them as regularly as I used to do but they should start making an appearance more often.

  1. I have rekindled my love affair with cheesies. This is a horribly bad time to rekindle this bad romance because I have a little under four months to get ready for Trinidad carnival and I have been doing nothing to get ready for Trinidad Carnival but eating cheesies.  Not good at all.
  2. Mat has a girlfriend. He told his father.  He has not told me.  He also expressly told him father not to tell me.  And to this day his father has not told me.  But I think that his father has forgotten that he was told this and that is why he hasn’t mentioned anything to me.  I know about this because I overheard them having a chat one evening.  HE IS FOUR YEARS OLD!!  I am better off not knowing.
  3. My new office is really cold. I was told that personal heaters are not allowed but I noticed that some people do have personal heaters at their desks.  So I think that I am going to bring in a personal heater and just not mention it unless I am asked about it.
  4. Because I am a glutton for punishment, the dates for Mud Hero 2015 have been released and I am thinking of running the course again. I want to tackle and conquer those mother trucking walls next year.  I just need to figure out what course I want to run and I need to figure out who I will be looping in to run the course with me.  Any volunteers?
  5. Mat has decided that for Halloween he wants to be half Batman and half Bane. How am I supposed to do that?!  Finding a Batman costume is easy but finding a little kid Bane costume is impossible.  I don’t even think that they have little kid Bane costumes.  I told him that he could be Batman but he is not having it.  I may just put my foot down and tell him that he has to be a ninja turtle.

Random Thoughts

Maks’ teacher asked Maks what I do for a living.

His response:  she works with boats and army men.*


Maks’ teacher asked Maks what his dad does for a living.

His response:  he eats.


Asked Mats (3 years old) how old he was.

His response:  11


*he was pretty close.  I don’t work directly with the army men though.  That’s another department.

Just my opinion

So Kanye West would watch Kim Kardashian’s sex tape prior to having sexual relations with other women.  It was what got him in the “mood”.

And he also has a sex tape with a Kim Kardashian look a like.

That’s not love.

That’s an episode of Criminal Minds.

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

  • I have discovered Café Patron.  It is some good drinking.  It has all the funness of tequila without the lime and salt.  And now I am trying to work it into the adults only events that we usually have throughout the year.  So far, because I want to find an excuse to have some, I have decided that Millhouse will have a festive birthday get together and so will Cecilia.  Even if they don’t want to have one.  They really have no choice.  J  And Beanz may be getting a bottle for her birthday because she has an undying love for tequila too.

Moral:  found new booze, must find excuses to drink.


  • Pinterest won’t work for me.  Every time I try to sign up or sign in, it won’t let me.  I get error messages that I have an invitation pending and I have to create a log in.  I am taking it as a sign that the Pinterest Gods have no interest in me.

Moral:  you can call me a lot of things but you can’t call me tech savvy.


  • I’m computer – less at home.  Mat managed to bend my charger so that it won’t fit into my laptop anymore.  And Millhouse’s laptop charger is MIA.  So we have two perfectly good, working computers and no chargers.  So I have been trying t squeeze in my personal computer stuff at work.  Given my lack of blog posts lately, it’s pretty obvious that I am failing miserably at getting personal stuff done at work.

Moral:  I need to improve on my slackerness


  • Millhouse has started requesting brussel sprouts for dinner.  If you know my husband, you know, he dislikes the majority of vegetables.  So him requesting brussel sprouts for several weeks in a row, can only mean one thing.  He’s been kidnapped by aliens and this is a malfunctioning clone.

Moral:  my husband is an alien.

Random Tuesday Thoughts – 2012 Resolutions

Oh come on, you knew I was going to do one.  It’s almost mandatory.

And oodles of clichéness.

Here are my resolutions for this year.

  • To be the best mother that I can possibly be.  Note that I didn’t say I wanted to be a perfect mother.  Those only exist on TV and the occasional book.  I want to be the best mom that I can.  So my kids might have Cheese Whiz and fish sticks but I want them to know that I love them more than all the chocolate in the world.  Always.
  • To sign up and attend a cooking class.  I find cooking and baking relaxing.  I spend as much time as I can making edible things.  I would love to actually allow myself to be challenged in a class.  And while I am in this class, I will step out of my shell and actually talk to the other people in the class.  I am saying that  I resolute to socialize.
  • I will say, think or write something nice, helpful or constructive for someone every single day of this year.  I will not be aghast at the vast level of stupid that I come across on a daily basis.  Instead, I will find a positive in there and use that to be nice and possibly friendly.
  • I will help Millhouse become the person that he strives so hard to be.  My husband has been in a state of evolution since we met.  He hasn’t been comfortable with himself for a long time.  And now I will try my best to help Millhouse discover what he wants and needs to be the person he strives to be.
  • Lastly, I vow not to let sponsored posts take over my blog anymore.  I refuse to whore out my blog for the sake of revenue generation.  I will use it for what it was intended, a snapshot into my ever jumbled mind.  🙂

Random thought Thursday: The Friday Edition

I was supposed to write this yesterday but that didn’t happen.  I got tied up with the Caterer jobs.


I want to change my work voicemail to  say: 

Hi!  You’ve reached my desk.  Physically, I’m here all day.  Mentally, I’m still in bed.  Leave me a message and see what happens.

I think that would be an awesome message.


Gingerbread men have taken over the office.  I am doing my part to stop the invasion and eating all of them that I can find.  I eat their heads first.  According to my coworker that makes me mean.  What part do you eat first?


I don’t mind getting socks and underwear for Christmas.  I mean they’re not the most awesomest gift ever but they’re damn useful.  One can never have too many socks.


That’s all I got.

Random Tuesday Thought: Christmas concert in the Infant room and present dilemma edition

Mat has his first ever class “concert” this Thursday.  I am so looking forward to it.  Mat just mastered the art of walking.  The only word that he says consistently is “baba”.  All of his classmates are around the same level in walking and speaking so seeing how the teachers plan on corralling them into a group to put on a show is always fun.  Their version of singing is a collection of some giggles, some shouts and one little kid that has a meltdown.  It’s always an adventure to watch. 

I remember at Maks’ first concert, we all sat on the floor, the kids were all given bells and the parents sang the Christmas carols with the kids.  It was a ton of fun and even though Maks doesn’t remember it, I sure do.  I hope that we do something similar with Mat.  It makes for great memories and for a big appreciation of the teachers.


I don’t know what to get the boys teachers this year.  Last year we gave Maks’ two teacher a $20 Tim Horton’s gift card each.  This year we have 5 teachers to buy for and spending $100 on the teachers seems a bit much especially now that we only have one income.  So I have started looking around for some other options for teacher gifts.  I found two things but I am not sure what is the best thing to give is.  There is a mug set with two mugs, two packets of coffee and a package of cookies or a bath and body set with hand lotion and sanitizer in mini pink leather backpacks.  Both of them are good prices but neither seems right for the teachers.  The mug set seems too mature and the bath set seems too young.  I haven’t found something that quite suits the teachers yet.

Update:  I found something!!  Hooray!!  It was a complete bath set for $2.99 each!!  It is bath salts, bath gel, a scented candle and a loofah all in a very cute box with a bow.  I don’t think it looks too young or old and I really do think that the teachers will like them.  So hooray for sales!  One more present off my list.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Blah, bleck, and meh edition

It’s cold and dreary today.  It’s the perfect day for soup and to be curled up in bed.

I’m doing neither. 

I have cheetos though.

I know, it doesn’t seem like an even trade to me either.


I dislike meetings.  I think they’re pointless and a waste of my time.  Sitting around discussing things can be done in a matter of minutes.  Long drawn out discussions make no sense to me. 

I really dislike two hour meetings, first thing in the morning. 

I especially dislike two hour meetings first thing in the morning with no real content and filled with buzz words. 

And I despise 2 hour meetings first thing in the morning, which are filled with buzz words and no real content, and there is NO coffee!!


I wore a toque in the office today.

It was green and furry.

It had two googly eyes and horns on the top.

I have to entertain myself like this or the stupidity will get me and my brain will melt.  Did I mention that I was in a long ass, pointless, coffeeless meeting this morning?

Now the hat makes sense, doesn’t it.

NaBloPoMo #3 – Random Thought Thursday

I’m killing two birds with one stone.  I am combining my Random Thursday Thoughts with NaBloPoMo because I’m lazy and it makes sense to me.


Timmy’s and Tylenol.

So far this week, that has been a constant fixture on my desk.

If you come over to my desk at any given time, you will see my cup of probably cold, mostly drunk coffee or tea and my ever present bottle of Tylenol.

We are smack dab in the middle of not one, but two new client implementations and although I like challenges, having all that is going on in my life right now is making things hard.  I am tired, stressed and would really just like to sit down and relax.

But that is not going to happen.

So I will get more coffee and a bigger bottle of Tylenol.


Right now we are a one car household. 

Millhouse is in between cars right now, so he and I are carpooling.  It really sucks for Millhouse because he has to get up two hours earlier to ride into work with me but he also gets to leave work an hour early, so it isn’t all bad.

I kinda like having Millhouse right in to work with me.  I don’t have to drive in rush hour traffic and I actually get to talk to him.  Usually we are so busy with life that we don’t get to really talk.  Now that we are forced to be in a confined with each other for about two hours every day we talk more.

We argue even more now too but that’s a different post.


Even when I’m stressed out and swamped I manage to send out emails like this at work.  (And yes, this is a real email that I send out to the entire company)

Hi All 

Last email about the potluck for this week, I promise. 

Since our lovely friends in the blah don’t have access to the blah folder, we’re going to kick it old school with the sign up sheet and use actual paper.


Shocking I know.

 Once you’ve gotten over that shock, head over to the kitchen.  There’s a sign up sheet in there. 

 And to all the less than great chefs out there, if you want to contribute the paper plates or drinks, please add that to the sign up sheet.

The power of a sex tape

So there was this Trinidadian girl, Anya Ayoung – Chee on Project Runway. 

Now I don’t watch the show.  I have no idea whether or not she is a good designer or if anything like that.  Everything I heard about her, is hearsay.

Apparently, as a designer, she sucked.  Her designers were uninspired and her skills were subpar.  But there was a lot of drama around her and that is why they kept her around.  She made for good TV.

Whatever the case is, she won.  She got the big bucks and  the fame.

So kudos to her.

Here’s the dealie though, I never knew that this chick was a designer.  I know that she was Trinidad’s pick for Miss Universe a couple of years back.  And the only reason, I know she was Trinidad’s pick was because she was of Asian descent.  When she went up for Miss Universe, I was so proud of my little island for showing the world just how diverse we are.

Fast forward a couple of years after that.  She didn’t win Miss Universe and she, like the other Miss Universe non – winners, was supposed to disappear into obscurity.  She didn’t.  She was pushed back into the spotlight because of a sex tape.

Turns out that Trinidad’s Miss Universe contestant had a rendezvous with her boyfriend and Japan’s Miss Universe contestant and decided to tape it.  And, like every good celebrity sex tape, it leaked and Anya was back.  As far as I know the tape wasn’t sold to Vivid or anything but it was still a pretty big deal.  Even though she didn’t profit directly from it, it helped her from fading away.   

I am guessing that her win on Project Runway is going to have more people googling that tape.