What happened in between

I haven’t blogged in a really long time. Almost six weeks, which isn’t the longest that I have gone without blogging but it very close. I have been around but blogging has been really low on my list of things to do.

So here is what has happened since I last blogged (in no particular order. This is just as I remember things):

  • Mats won the principals award. He has been doing really well this year. He is now the “big” kid in his class. He has taken on more of a leadership role and his teacher really likes that. She wants him to start practicing for next year now. He knows the curriculum really well and having him review is not helping him anymore. So he needs to start working on the curriculum for next year so he doesn’t get bored. Based on all this, his teacher decided to give him the principal’s award at the last celebration assembly. He was pretty proud of himself, as he should be. He was telling us for about a week before the assembly that he would be getting the award but he didn’t know the exact date of the assembly. It wasn’t until his teacher sent home a note that we knew when it was all going to go down. Since I was back at work, I could not go but Millhouse and Beanz went that morning to see him get his award. He was super excited to see that he had a cheering squad and he held up his award proudly for them to see. That night we had bacon pizza for dinner because how else would you celebrate getting the principals award when you’re five.
  • The NP was on TV. Well, she was on more than TV, she was in the local paper and on TV. Her drum squad was featured for being the youngest group in the province to actually perform and compete for drumming in the province. Which is pretty damn cool. But the fact that she is also the only girl in her squad is also a pretty big deal. She has been drumming for forever now and she holds her own against the boys and now she is being recognized for just how good she is. It is a pretty cool accomplishment she has achieved.
  • Trinidad happened. I LOVED it. It helped heal me. I needed it. LOVED IT.
  • Millhouse discovered a ghetto version of Dave and Busters about two blocks away from the house. It is a small laser tag/mini golf/arcade type place. It doesn’t look like much from the outside and the inside is really small but for what it is, which is a place for the kids to burn off energy, it is really good. It is the type of place where we can take the kids on a Sunday afternoon when they are bored out of their mind and it will keep them busy. They have been a couple times and they seems to really like it. Mats gets really exciting about getting to go there. I think it is because he is finally getting included in some big kid adventures. I thought it was expensive until I found out there was a wagjag deal for it. Now that I have coupons, we will be going there more often. J

Snoring Conspiracy Theory

I have been observing Millhouse when he sleeps a lot lately and I have come up with this conclusion; Millhouse is a faker.

I think he only snores when I am close vicinity so he can have the bed all to himself.

Now this is not some sort of off the cuff observation, I have actual proof to substantiate my claim. I have been watching and more importantly listening to Millhouse sleep and I have noticed when he sleeps with either of the boys, he barely snores. He snores a little bit but it is really quiet. The snoring is limited to little hiccups every now and then. There is no crazy loud, wall rumbling kind of snoring.

But when he sleeps with me, he sounds like a mutant bear running laps with a chainsaw. And the snoring usually doesn’t stop until I have gotten off the bed and gone to sleep with one of the boys. I have noticed that pretty soon after I have gotten off the bed, he takes over the entire bed; sprawling across the entire thing and creating a person like blanket roll so he can fling his arm and leg over and the snoring definitely gets turned down.

If I were to squeeze my way back onto the bed, the crazy snoring starts back again.

So you see dear readers, Millhouse’s crazy snoring is a ploy so he can get the entire bed to himself.

Bruised & Broken

So Millhouse had a pretty bad Saturday.

Now it should be noted that none of the events that transpired were done with malicious intent and it was not my goal to have anyone hurt. That being said, here is what happened.

Mat and Maks got these super cool squirt gun things this weekend. They are not squirt guns; rather, they are these really long tubes. You suck in a bunch of water into them and then you push really hard on the handles and the water sprays really far away. It is pretty cool and a lot of fun to play with. How I know this is what led up to the bruised part.

Mat and I were in the backyard having a squirting contest. We would fill up our tubes and squirt them as far as we could. Then I came up with the brilliant idea of calling Millhouse outside to be the judge for our little competition. Now, we didn’t really need a judge and I totally had ulterior motives for calling him out there. Millhouse doesn’t like to get wet and even if he stood really far away from Mat and I we would still be able to squirt him, he just didn’t know that. Mat and I conspired to call Millhouse outside and even though we knew he would stand really far away, we would still squirt him and get him soaked. Great plan, right?

Well, it didn’t work out like we planned.

Millhouse did come outside and stand really far away and on the count of three Mat and I did squirt our tubes as hard as we could at him, only he didn’t just stand there getting wet. He screamed and tried to run back inside. Now, Millhouse is not the most coordinated person out there and in his attempt to get back inside, he tripped over the screen door and feel right onto his head into the kitchen.

Millhouse is a big guy so when he falls it sounds like the titans descending from Mount Olympus. It is a loud rumbling, thunderous kaboom. It was so loud the NP came running up from downstairs because she thought something had been thrown down the stairs.

All in all, he was fine. He had bruised the back of his leg and scratched up part of his arm, he was not pleased with me and my conspiring but once all was looked over he was fine.

That should have been the end of his bad luck but it wasn’t.

Fast forward to bath time for the boys. Millhouse is responsible for organizing the boys and making sure bath time goes off without a hitch. This bath time things were a little more frazzled than normal. There was a lot more nakedness running around and it was harder to corral all the zaniness. So while Millhouse was running around trying to get children cleaned up, he whacked his toe on the side on the bed.

Whacking his toe is fairly normal for Millhouse but this time, he whacked it hard enough for him to hear a loud crack. He knew something wasn’t right with it so after bath, he came down and iced his toe. He seemed to be OK after it was iced and wasn’t changing colour or anything so he just assumed he whacked it really good and all was good.

Turns out it wasn’t.

Around 2am, his toe starting to hurt a lot. And when he looked it over, the toe was starting to change colour. So off to the hospital he went. After two hours in the ER and one xray, it turns out he broke his toe. It wasn’t a big enough break to require a cast but the toe needs to be buddy taped (taped up to the toe next to it) for the next two weeks. He is supposed to stay off his toe for the next two weeks but given he spends all night walking, that will be hard.

He is now heavily medicated for the pain and limping around.

Here’s hoping next weekend is better for him.

Continuously failing at dating

Millhouse entered middle age last week. He wasn’t that excited about it and really just wanted the day to pass without any sort of hoopla; but I was not to be deterred and insisting on marking this milestone with something epic.

So we went on a date.

I think it has been something like nine months since our last date so this was something we don’t do very often. Millhouse picked the restaurant. I took this as a good thing, I figured him being involved in the date process was a good sign and showed he wasn’t against the idea completely. Most times when I suggest a date, I get shot down immediately. Him not saying no immediately is good.

Now since we had decided to do this on Thursday night for Friday night and had picked a super popular restaurant, our choice of reservations was pretty limited. We ended up getting a reservation at 6:45pm. Now just to put the reservation time in perspective, the restaurant is about an hour away on a good day with no traffic and I get home from work at 5:15pm.  That meant we would need to make it there in the height of rush hour in about an hour. So in order to make the reservation, I would have to book it home, speed shower, speed change and be out of the house in 15 minutes max.


It was a lot of pressure but it could be done. Millhouse agreed to bathe the boys & organize dinner for them so I could come home and get ready as soon as I got home and we were hoping we would make it to the restaurant in time.

Now when you have a plan with a super tight timeline, things always go wrong. Even though I left work early, I ended up getting home only five minutes earlier than I normally get home. I super speeded it through the shower but was stonewalled when it came to finding something to wear. I was planning on wearing jeans and a nice top but it was really hot on Friday and I didn’t want to wear jeans because if I ate a lot in tight jeans on a hot day, I would have been miserable. So I had to find a nice dress really quick.

After much rummaging, I just couldn’t find anything. And at the same time, I was telling Millhouse to change because he was wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt with a picture of a kitten on it. I told him he couldn’t go to dinner wearing shorts and a tee shirt with a picture of a kitten on it. He didn’t want to change because he was comfortable in what he was in and he was getting agitated at me for even suggesting that he change his clothes.

After much arguing, he ended up putting on a collared shirt and jeans and was positively miserable by this point. He ended up just stomping down the stairs after he had changed and yelling at me to hurry up from the bottom of the stairs. His yelling coupled with the time, ticked me off and I ended up throwing on whatever and then just going downstairs, dressing as I went. I stomped out to the car and finished putting on my clothes while Millhouse was getting gas. Literally, I was putting on a shirt as he was pumping gas.

On the ride to the restaurant, things were tense and we barely spoke to one another. Millhouse was mad for having to change. And I was mad because I basically ended up changing in the car, wearing shoes I didn’t like. It was not a good way to start things off.

Even though we left the house 15 minutes later than we planned to, we ended up making it to the restaurant on time.

When he got there and saw just how tiny it was, I knew this whole date thing was a mistake. It was a totally loud, totally small restaurant with really tight seating. The restaurant was so small we ended up sharing a table with another group of people. For real, there was a group of three girls at the end of the table and we were on the other end of a table that sat eight. So doing the math, there were only two chairs in-between us. Millhouse does not like doing things like that and gets very uncomfortable being that jammed in with other people. Plus we were at the very back at of the restaurant where it was really hot. Heat and jammed up seating make Millhouse miserable. So I asked for a different table and was told there were none available. So we sat where they put us and Millhouse just got more and more stressed as the meal went on. We got through the appetizers pretty well but halfway through the main, he was ready to go. There was really nothing I could do for him to change his mind. He said he was tired of shouting over all the noise, dealing with the heat and having a loud group sitting at the same table as him, he just wanted to go and go right then and there. So whatever they had already cooked, they packed up for us and we left without getting dessert because they had not started cooking that yet for us.

After unceremoniously leaving the restaurant in a pretty big rush with a Millhouse who was leaving with or without his food, we headed up to meet some of our daycare mom friends at a local pub. Normally we are not pub type people but we were invited because one of the moms was celebrating her birthday. When we got there, the birthday girl was still having dinner with the people who had showed up early and there was no more room at her table so we ended up moving to the bar and waiting for them to finish up. We sat at the bar for about an hour and a half. The birthday girl, who was mighty tipsy at this point, came over to see Millhouse for a bit. She needed a dancing partner at this point and decided to use Millhouse as her pole because he is not a dancer and just stood there as she gyrated around him. Now Millhouse is used to inappropriate behavior and on the regular this sort of thing doesn’t bother him too much but after being miserable for most of the evening, this just did not sit well with him. This whole untimely dancing thing made Millhouse feel not so comfortable and we decided to leave shortly after that.

All and all this date was an epic fail.


Millhouse will probably take 18 months before he is ready to go out with me again. And I can’t say I blame him. I may just send him out with his friends because every time we try to do something like this, it just goes wrong.

Back on nights

After two months of being off work, Millhouse is back at it.

He started back on the night shift on Sunday.

And after two days, he hates it.

This shift is better than the original nightshift. He is closer now. Instead of driving for an hour and a half (each way) to get to work, he now has to drive a half an hour. So he doesn’t have to leave the house two hours before his start time and doesn’t get home two hours past his finish time anymore. His shift is also better. He now works 9pm to 530am; Sunday to Thursday. This allows him to be present for dinner, homework, bath time and bed time. He can be home when the boys are at home and he can take them to school in the morning. Plus he gets a pretty long weekend. When he gets home on Friday, he can sleep and then he is left with all day Friday, all day Saturday and most of Sunday.

In theory, it is not so bad.

It just takes some getting used to and that is why he hates it right now. The shift itself is long because he is constantly moving. Where he is working is huge. To get from one end to the other takes 20 minutes of swift walking. There is no golf cart or walkie talkie system so if he wants to talk to someone across the way; he needs to walk over to them. He is constantly on the move, trying to find people or get things fixed. Since the operation is 24 hours, it means that meals are eaten on the go, drinks are drunk on the go, and potty breaks happen in a bathroom because otherwise that would be gross.

I admit, it is a lot.

He hated nights to start with and really didn’t want to go back on nights. When he got this job he was supposed to have been working the day shift but somewhere between getting hired and starting the job, the shift changed from days to nights. They tried to change it to afternoons but he was not having that. He would have been happier on days but nights are better than afternoons.

Overall, he is adapting but he is not used to being up all night anymore. He is doing all this stuff so he is really tired. And even though he is sleeping from 9am to 3pm, he is still really cranky.

But I know that he is eventually going to get the hang of things.


Two doctors’ appointments in the same week & the week is not over yet

So on Monday the doctor’s office called and said that they had left me a message while I was in Trinidad and they needed me to come in to see them that day. So I organized myself and headed in that afternoon. When I got there the doctor said that they had figured out my diagnosis but he would not be able to treat it. He would need to send me to a specialist because this was not his area of expertise and there were a lot of different options for treatment so he needed someone who was well versed in this to have a look at me and figure out what would work best. This all makes sense and I am just happy to be getting somewhere.

So he had his secretary sent off my file to the specialist and told me that they would call me when the specialist came back to them with my appointment. Given how quickly things had been moving up to that point, I didn’t believe him when he said that I would hear from the office on Tuesday with the appointment details. I figured I would wait until the end of the week and then call to see if they had heard anything about an appointment and harass them like that moving forward. He also had me do more blood work so that he could send the most recent blood work to the specialist. He figured that the more information that he gave them the more likely I would get an early appointment. Again, another good thing.

Now the thing with the first four times that I did blood work was, it always came back as normal. Which is what caused the majority of the confusion in the first place. They couldn’t figure why things were happening but nothing was changing in my blood. It is obvious that stuff is going on but my blood work has yet to fall outside of the normal range of things. So I had to keep doing the tests and they would keep sending them all over the countryside, trying to figure out what is going on.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon….the doctor’s office called!! Yay!! But it was not for an appointment with the specialist. Nope, that would be too easy. They called because my blood work had come back as “abnormal” and “concerning”* so they needed me to come in. By the time they had gotten a hold of me yesterday, the office was already closed so I am going in today. The first thing that I am going to do while I am there is have them define what abnormal and concerning mean so that the next time that they call and say that, I know what they mean. Also, I will find out if this new development means that I don’t have to see a specialist anymore. Because I wouldn’t mind that. Based on what my doctor said I really didn’t like any of the options that the specialist would have given me.

You see how complicated all this is. And how complicated it keeps getting. I can handle complications. Millhouse cannot. I knew it would only be a matter of time before all this flipping and flopping got to him. It happened last night.

If you ask Millhouse, the chicken biryani tried to kill him. I know better. I know that by asking him to take on more things with the boys, to deal with me being out of commission more than he is used to and asking him to step up more would finally get to him and it did. When things get to be too much, he gets sick. That’s just how he deals. And as it stands, I was just waiting for this to go down. I was in the shower last night and I was wondering how and when it would actually go down. I figured that he would stress himself into getting a chest infection to something related to his asthma but he managed to go one further.

He managed to give himself a stress induced stomach flu meets regular flu meets absolutely no sleep anxiety attack. It was an interesting night. I am pretty sure that he is going to be out of commission for the rest of the week. But it all depends on how today’s appointment goes.

I’ll let you know how the appointment goes.

*their words. My words were way more colourful.

Divide & Conquer

Dinner has always been my thing. I make dinner. I get home from work and I make dinner.

That’s always just how it worked.

No one else in the house ever really wants to make dinner and if they don’t like what I make then they just scrounge up something else or buy something on the way home.

But now that my hours have changed, I don’t get home as early as I used to. I now get home closer to six than five and that makes putting together dinner a bit trickier. Especially when there are hungry children involved. Hungry children are comparable to hungry lions, only I think that hungry lions can be pacified easier than hungry children.

When hungry children come home, they must be fed or else meltdowns happen. And these are not regular meltdowns, they are hungry children meltdowns. The kind that cannot be reasoned with until food is presented. Sometimes snacks work to buy me some time but most times, the snacks are not enough and they just serve to reinforce just how hungry the hungry children are and they must be fed right then. And this was so very hectic especially on days where things were not working out as planned to start and another meltdown would push me over the edge of sanity.

And that is a real concern, not an over exaggeration on any part.

So I have handed the dinner making responsibilities over to Millhouse for during the week. Lately Millhouse has discovered the wonders of the slow cooker and uses it at least once a week, if not more. I showed him a couple of easy go to recipes and he has been tweaking them to his liking and putting together dinners. He will put together the protein and the carb components of dinner and I will put together the vegetable component when I get home. This means that when the hungry children get home from school, there is food ready for them and they can eat right away. Most days this also means that by the time I get home, there is no food left for me because Millhouse only makes enough for the hungry children and the boys have eaten their fill and I need to put something together for me. So I will put together the vegetable portion and the boys will eat that as their before bed snack and I will add something small to my serving of vegetables and have that for dinner. But that is no big deal because at least I am not all stressed out because I need to make food magically appear out of nowhere as soon as I walk into the house.

I still cook on weekends. I make a lot of food on weekends so that during the week I can have leftovers when I get home. And this helps out so much because then I am not hunting as much for food for me to eat.

Giving up weeknight cooking was not something that I wanted to do and at the beginning it was hard. I like cooking. I am good at it. People like my food and I like making things for people to eat. Nothing else gives me the same kind of happiness that cooking gives me but I just could not get dinner on the table on time so this had to be done.