June 10th

On June 10th, whatever relationship my sister and I had ended.

June 10th is the day my sister told me she hated me.

Correction, on June 10th, my sister said she fucking hated me.

I called her and I told her to leave my kids alone.  She had come by and was saying mean things about me to Maks.  She liked to tell Maks how is mom is a Nazi and that I won’t trust his aunt with them.  And you know what, that was it.

I was done.  So I called her and told her to leave my kids alone.

And then she went off on me.

She told me:

  • She fucking hated me.
  • My parents hated me.  I am the reason my parents leave and go back to Trinidad.
  • Everyone hates me.  I don’t have any friends because everyone hates me.
  • All the friends I have are because of Millhouse.  The friends I have like Millhouse and only like me because of him.
  • The only people that like me are my cousins who are far away and they only like me because they don’t have to deal with me on a regular basis.
  • My boys are fucking afraid of me.  My children don’t respect me.
  • MIllhouse fucking cheated on me because he hated me.  I am the reason he used to cheat on me.
  • She scoffed at the “soccer mom” sticker I have on my car.  She said I am not a fucking soccer mom.  That I fucking force my boys to play soccer so they can be like their friends.
  • My job is useless and all I do is push fucking pallets all day.  I don’t contribute anything to society.

Then she hung up and called my dad.

She told him to get ready because she was coming to save him from me.

She showed up on my lawn an hour later and told me on my lawn:

  • If anything happens to my parents, it is my fault.
  • I have no respect for my parents.
  • When I told her about her daugther being disrespectful to me; her response was “I don’t believe it”.
  • She told Maks that if he wanted to spend the night at her house, he should have asked even though he did and she conveniently forgot.
  • She told me she hated my blog and if I had a problem with her to tell her to her face.

She was successful in ensuring that I will never speak to her again.

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