New Year, New Blog

Yes, I know the new year started 25 days ago but I figure it’s better late than never.

This blog has always been a reflection of what’s been going on in my life. The blog has never really had a focus.  It was just a hodge podge collection on everything in my life and I have always tried to be as forthcoming with what I have been going through.  Sometimes that can be hard because a lot of the things in my life involve other people and I want to keep them as anonymous as possible.

But things have been going on that have been really hard to process.  I have been internalizing a lot of things and I just can’t do it anymore.  I need to stop keeping things in and start to articulate with has been bothering me in the hopes that actually getting things out will help me process and eventually come to terms with all the feelings I am experiencing.

This blog has always been good for that.  So I am going to get personal.  I am going to let you into my head.  And that is something I have always been careful about doing but it feels like I don’t have a choice anymore.

There will still be stories about my boys, my job and other random bits of my life.  In addition to all those posts, there will also be posts about how badly I have been hurting for the past two years and the people who have hurt me.  Those will be the most difficult posts for me to write but those are the ones that I need to write.  For some of them I am going to make myself share what’s been going on.  I know it would be hard and that’s where I ask for your patience.

Bear with me.

I am trying to heal myself.

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