I have a notebook

Unfortunately I am not using it like I should. Most days there are things I need to remember and I used to be able to say to myself “don’t forget to do this” and I wouldn’t forget to do it.

Not anymore.

Now I forget. I walk away and start doing something else and whatever it was I was supposed to remember gets forgotten. So my fantastic idea on how to build a salad or some new way to organize the closet gets lost somewhere between here and there only to be thought of again weeks later when I will probably forget about it later on in the day. It really is quite bad. So I got myself a pocket notebook that I can use to write down all the things I have to remember and now I have writers block.

I have nothing to write down. I am subconsciously preventing myself from using the book. I had this grandiose plan of having a notebook filled with random bits of knowledge and ideas in which I could refer to later on. It would be a physical reminder of all the great things I am capable of coming up with during the day. But that just isn’t happening right now. I don’t think it has to do with me admitting my memory sucks, I know it sucks, hence me relenting and getting the book. There is more to it than that.

What the more is, I am not sure.

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