That time of year…..again

It;s that time of year again, end of school.  You know what that means; teacher gifts!

Teacher gifts always stress me out.  They are supposed to be easy but they are not.

I never know what to get.  I can pretty much guarantee the teachers have enough hand lotion and coffee mugs to last them three lifetimes.  So I don’t like getting them things I know they already have too many of.

Then there is just the sheer volume of gifts I have to get.  The boys each have two teachers plus three after school teachers; that’s seven teachers that I have to buy for.  That gets expensive really fast.  Because even though I intend to spend $5 a teacher, that never happens.

So now I am trying to figure out what sort of “unique” present I can get for them.  Usually I get them all the same thing.  One present across seven teachers makes organizing easier but this year I think I might switch things up.  I am thinking of getting individual gifts for each teacher and seeing if that works out better.  Maks has one teacher who really loves Nutella so she is getting the biggest jar of Nutella I can find.  The teachers who love coffee are getting Starbucks gift cards,  The only one left is the teacher who loves music.  Maks suggested a Yamaha P105

That’s not going to happen.  I just need to figure her out and I should be in good shape.  Oh, and I need to figure all this out by Wednesday.


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