Crazy cravings

I could always use a snack. I am not starving or anything but, I am always like “it would be nice if I could have a snack right now”.  There are very few occasions where I can say I am full and couldn’t eat another bite.  Those happen very rarely.

Right now, I have some crazy cravings going on for some weird stuff.

Smoked salmon – I really want some smoked salmon especially with avocado and eggs.  It’s crazy because I am not normally all about smoked salmon but lately I have been.

Ceviche – really good ceviche. I big bowl of it.  It would be awesome if I could have some ceviche now.  I would prefer a mix of seafood ceviche but I am willing to settle for shrimp ceviche.  Weird, right?

Dulce de leche – I just love the stuff. I am not particular about what the dulce de leche is on or in, I just want it to taste like dulce de leche.

My goal is to get some of the above in my belly.

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