Sugar Makes Me Nauseous

A couple months ago, I completely cut sugar out of my diet. And I am not just talking about refined sugar here, I am talking about everything. No sweet things of any kind, no bread, no ketchup or prepared sauces of any kind, no pop, and no juice; nothing with sugar in it at all and there are a lot of things in which some sort of sugar is added. Case in point; did you know most Asian dishes, including Thai curries and sushi, have sugar added? Well, they do. And because of the hidden sugars in things, most prepared and fast foods were cut out too. Just about everything I loved was cut out, pretty much cold turkey. The first month was hard. I am not going to play it off like cutting out sugar was super easy to do, it wasn’t. It was hard. I got physically sick. I had aches right down into my bones, it was some of the worst withdrawal symptoms* I have ever gone through. I also had to start reading labels. Reading labels isn’t fun. People in the grocery store look at you like you are crazy. You take up space in the aisles, comparing products trying to find the ones that best adhere to your nutritional needs. And spoiler alert; a lot of products don’t conform to your nutritional needs.

But I made it through and things started to look up. In general, I started to feel better, my skin got clearer, and I started to lose weight. I got better at figuring out what I could and could not eat and reading labels got easier. All in all, good things started happening and I maintained my no sugar routine for almost three months. There were times when I would fall off and have something with like sticky toffee pudding or a macchiato from Starbucks but for the most part, I kept on track.

Then Trinidad happened and I completely feel off the wagon. I ate everything and anything I could get my hands on. My level of outright gluttony was not pretty. I didn’t gain a lot of weight but I threw my body for a loop and it has taken me a whole lot of time to recover. When I got back, I didn’t go back to eating sugar free right away. I wanted to take some time off, just be a lazy butt for a bit, and just eat what I wanted.

Such a bad idea!! Bad, bad, bad idea!

My body wasn’t having it and it started to make its displeasure known, quite vocally. I can’t eat sugar now, even if I wanted to. When I do, I get physically ill. My stomach starts to hurt to the point where I cannot stand up. I get insane bouts of nausea. It is so bad, I was laid up in bed for almost an entire weekend because I ate a whole bag of BBQ potato chips**. It was horrible. So I am back to no sugar at all. The only sucky part is I ended up going through all the withdrawal symptoms again. They weren’t so bad this time around but they were far from pleasant.

I did learn my lesson though. Sugar is bad and if I forget, my body will remind me.

*I haven’t really gone through withdrawal symptoms, not major ones anyway. There were times when I gave up caffeine and nearly exploded. I am comparing those times to this time.

**yes, I realize a whole bag of BBQ potato chips is excessive but remember I was being a glutton.

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