Christmas 2016

You know I am behind with this blogging thing when I am writing about Christmas on New Years Eve. But hey, better late than never, right?

Christmas was quiet this year. We tried to keep things low key and for the most part, we succeeded.

One big difference this year is we went to the mall to see Santa. For the past 12 years, we have gone to my work party for the kids to see Santa. This year my work let me know that since I was currently on leave, I was not invited to the party and neither were my children, which hurt. Not because my work was being petty but because the kids actually looked forward to the party and were asking about it. So to make up for not going to my work party I took them to the mall to get some sort of face to face time with the big guy. To Mat especially, this is a big deal. Santa is the man when you are five and I couldn’t not let him see him.

We got to the mall just as Santa opened but there was a huge line in front of us. Apparently people had lined up from 8am even though Santa didn’t show up until 11am. But we were there already and decided that meeting with Santa needed to be done, so we lined up for two hours to see Santa and ten minutes before it was our turn, Mat started throwing up. Literally, he said he felt sick and then starting throwing up everywhere. He threw up all over himself, his shoes and my purse. I had to send Maks through the mall to grab Beanz and the NP who were sitting just off to the side waiting for us to get our pictures done. Thank goodness they were there or else I would have been hopeless. The NP jumped into action and grabbed a custodian who came right over. I rushed Mat over to the bathrooms and after stripping off his sweater and cleaning up his shoes, I got him back to Beanz just in time for him to get to see Santa. By that time, he was a bundle of nerves. He wasn’t feeling well, he was in the presence of a rock star and he was just out of sorts. He managed to talk to Santa and keep everything down on the ride home, which is always a good thing. I think him being sick was a combination of nerves, a lot of milky bubble tea and a stomach bug that would take over his little body the next day, that got to him. From that day one, he was so sick, he didn’t help do much but he was back to himself by Christmas eve. Which was good because Christmas eve is a big deal when you are five and to spend it throwing up would not be fun.

There was the expected craziness of the kids on Christmas morning and to be perfectly honest that was my favourite part. I love the reaction and the excitement. Even if you don’t feel it yourself (and I didn’t feel it this year), they do and they react with a level of frenzy and exhilaration that is just contagious. I am happy just feeding off their excitement.

The highlight of all the presents given and received this year was when Mat discovered a 500ml bottle of root beer in his stocking. He was beyond excited about that. It was something he told everyone about. And I think it is something he won’t ever forget. It was an unusual stocking gift but it absolutely suited him. He loves root beer but we limit how much of it he has so to get his own bottle in his stocking was a huge deal.

After all the presents opening and cleaning up, it was time to cook. I made a lot of food this year. I made about 25 different things, if you count the sweets but that was because I was expecting more people than we had. I wanted to make sure we had enough food. I have this thing about having enough food. I never want people to come over and there not be enough to eat. I would be mortified if that ever happened so I always make a lot and a big selection because I want to know everyone can eat as much as they want and if I am lucky there will be just enough leftovers.

Just enough leftovers is a good thing in this house. There was a lot leftover but that is a blessing for me. Leftovers mean easy repurposed leftover dinners. We had two different kinds of soup, plus loads of hash and stirred fried vegetables thanks to all the leftovers. It sounds weird but I love the leftovers just as much as I love the food itself.

We ate into late in the day. The kids played with their toys and books and things. We watched ridiculously horrible action movies and went to bed before midnight.

All in all, Christmas was good. I hope yours was everything you imaged it would be.

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