November – when everything breaks

November was a rough month. We had so many major disasters in November, it is not even funny. So many big ticket items broke; there was a point when I really thought I was going to have a meltdown.

First the bed broke. Our bed is pretty impressive. It is this solid wood massive old school bed. It has this pillar things and iron framing on the top. It is just whoa. Millhouse fell in love with it and had to have it right away. He loved it up until it broke his toe a couple of months ago. Then he wanted to get rid of but that is a different story for a different time. Right now back to how the bed broke. When Millhouse gets home from work, he is exhausted. He has worked all night and he just wants to go to sleep so he falls into bed like a drunken mastodon. He just stumbles, collapses, grunts and then falls asleep. Most times he doesn’t care which side of the bed he falls on or how he lands, just as long as his head is on a pillow, he will sleep. So he did he patented mastodon falling down move one day and he heard a loud crack. We have this super tall mattress on the bed along with a box spring but somehow he had managed the break the wooden planks supporting everything. And because he was tired, he didn’t bother to really look over what caused the loud crack. Instead, he just rolled to the other side of the bed and went to sleep. When he got up and remembered that he had made the bed make a noise it doesn’t normally make, he decided to investigate. The weight of everything on the bed had caused the planks to break off the frame. Millhouse attached them back together with extra-long screws and glue but I am not sure how much longer the bed is going to make it. If you roll over onto the not so secure side the bed groans in distress and I have visions of waking up to a slanted bed one day. More specifically, waking up to a snoring Millhouse rolled on top of me because the bed has collapsed on one side and gravity has propelled him forward and I am slowly suffocating but he doesn’t notice because he doesn’t realize that it is me he is squishing.

Next, my car went kaput. My car is a special kind of creature and is really old. But since it is a Honda, it is still running and I will keep driving it as long as it keeps running. With that being said, it is still running so in theory it should still be on the road but it’s not. I have it living in the driveway right now because the gas line has rotted away. It is so bad that if I fill the tank in the morning by afternoon I have a half a tank. Now there is no gas in the tank right now as I am not driving it. Nor will I put gas into the tank and drive it to the mechanics for fear of having it spontaneously combust on me. My next option is to have the mechanic come tow the car for me, which out of all my options I like the best. There are two mechanics we go to and they are both family friends. And I know that they are both on holidays right now. In fact, they were in holiday mode in November and that is why I did not take the car over yet. When people are in holiday mode, they are slack. I know these guys will do a quick patch job and have me come back when they are not busy in January so I decided to wait until January to get the car fixed. Right now I am not too keen on driving and if I have to go anywhere, I go with Beanz or take Millhouse’s vehicle. My car is sitting in the driveway, and I will look into fixing that one in the new year or maybe figure out a way to sell this car and get a newer car in the new year. I haven’t decided which yet.

Last one and the biggest one, my stove died. Like full out stopped working. Within a 48 hour window all the elements on the cook top went out and would not go back on. The oven still worked but it was uneven. One side was running way hotter than the other so cooking anything in there was uneven unless I went in and turned it halfway through. I started using Beanz stove for big meals and cooking smaller things on my counter top griddle but neither of these were long term solutions. I don’t know a lot about stoves but I know if this is going on, then that means I don’t have much life left in the stove and had to get a new one. A couple of people gave me tips on repairing it or the contact details of people who could fix the stove but the stove was so old I couldn’t even find the model details and the fuse panel that I needed to replace was being made anymore. I was out of luck. I hemmed and hawed for almost a month before I bit the bullet and went out and got a new stove. I dragged Millhouse to eight different stores before I found a stove that I liked and was cost effective. I wanted to make sure we got a stove that was going to last a really long time because I really did not want to go through all of this again anytime soon. Out of everything that broke last month the stove was the most important thing to get replaced and the new stove was delivered today.

Here’s hoping nothing breaks in December.

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