Sharing a bed with a five year old

Last night at 3am, while the entire world was fast asleep, I lay in bed half awake. This is nothing new. I have not been sleeping well for months now so being awake at 3am was not as disturbing as it has been. I have starting embracing it. It is usually around 3am when I stop trying to make myself go to sleep so I can be sure I am able to wake up when it is time to wake up. Anyway back to my story, it was 3am and everyone else in the house was asleep. Mats was asleep beside me and for the most part, everything was status quo.

Then Mats changed things up on me.

He kicked off all the covers and stood up on the bed. He looked around and then took a few steps towards me. Then he turned around so he back was facing me and sat down with a plop right on my stomach. All while he was still asleep.

And the very first thing that popped into my head when he did flung his butt onto my stomach was: “AW MAN!!!! This kid thinks he has walked to the bathroom and he is about to pee on me”. This is going to get messy real quick! I wasn’t concerned about the fact that Mats was asleep in a sitting position on my stomach. My concern was what was about to come out of his butt at that very moment.

So I sat up super-fast and pushed Mats off my stomach. I tried to wake him up so he could go back into his spot on the bed but he wasn’t having any of it. He sprawled out across the entire bed and decided he was going to sleep there. I wasn’t having him take over the bed like that, I might not be sleeping but I wasn’t going to give up my warm blankets without a showdown. So I hoisted him back up into his spot, covered him up and lay back down. Then he promptly woke up and asked for chocolate milk.

I told him it was 3am and he was to go back to bed because there was no chocolate milk readily available at this time, so he lay down and fell asleep. And I lay down and went back to thinking about if I should add caramel candies to my coffee in the morning.

For the record, I did not add the caramel candies to my coffee even though I do think that would be a delicious idea.

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