Last Friday I had my first naturopath appoint. Now I was told to go see a naturopath by one of Beanz’ friends last April when I started complaining about my thyroid issues but I never really took her seriously. She believes in crystals, auras and reads tarot cards, so I figured since we have very different lifestyles that having the same kind of doctor would not work.

Now this was said before I was put through a battery of tests, started throwing up twice a day and starting losing fistful upon fistful of hair. So because I am somewhat stubborn; it took all those bad things happening and the universe turning against me to change my mind.

Normally a naturopath appointment is around $150 each time you see them because they are normally not covered by the government healthcare. They are considered along the lines of a chiropractor, needed sometimes but not needed enough to be completely funded by the government. But after asking around, I found out my humble little (gigantic) town has a naturopath clinic available for free in the hospital. You just need to be able to go in and see them in the evenings.

Score! More free healthcare!

So I went to see my doctor on Tuesday and I got all the latest test results from him so the naturopath would have some idea as to what he was facing with me. On Friday he spent an hour going through my long and complicated medical stuff and came back to me with a PLAN.

Dude! An actual plan!

This isn’t to just treat the symptoms. It’s not just pills. It is an actual honest to goodness plan to make me better. I need to keep a food journal for him so he can see how often I eat, what I eat and when I eat. Based on this, he is going to put together a diet and exercise plan for me. It will be tailored to my habits and the foods I normally eat. He is also starting acupuncture on me this week. His goal is to get the ovarian cysts and fibroids to shrink and hopefully become less painful.

Now acupuncture is a big question mark for me. I have never had acupuncture done and I have no idea what to expect. I mean, are they going to stick needles into my stomach and this is not supposed to hurt?! But given how much stuff I have been through already, some needles to the stomach may not always be a bad thing.


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