Random Things – The Lottery Edition

Have you ever read the shopaholic book, where she buys a lottery ticket and she believes she has the winning ticket? So she plans how she is going to spend all of her money and even plans how she would announce the fact she is a millionaire to her parents? And then as she is sitting there watching the lottery numbers being read out, she realizes she doesn’t have the winning ticket and starts yelling at the TV because she thinks they lottery people are reading the numbers wrong? I can relate to that. And because of my weird connection to the lottery, I don’t do lottery like most people. I have a method to my madness. I have not won anything yet so I am not sure if my madness actually works but I still do it and one of these days I will tell my parents I’ve won the lottery just like I have it planned out in my head.

  1. I only buy a ticket if the lotto jackpot is over $50 million. I don’t really see the point of buying a ticket if it is less than that. It’s not that I need more $50+ million dollars to survive; I just seem to think it is not necessary to spend the money on a ticket unless I am not going to win super big.
  2. When I do buy a ticket, I put the ticket in my mom’s money tree. I don’t think the money tree is particularly lucky; but it is called a money tree so that has to mean it will add more money to the ticket. Or it could mean it will take out the money from the ticket. I am not sure which it is yet.
  3. I don’t check my ticket until weeks after the draw has been done, especially if the winning ticket was purchased anywhere near where I live. The pressure surrounding having a winning ticket gets to me, even if the pressure is all in my head.

And in case you are wondering, as of this moment, I have yet to actually win anything more than $20 in the lottery.

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