I blow too fast and too hard

*That is what she said*

Yesterday I went for some sort of uranium test. Now the whole premise of the test was I had to blow into a green tube, then drink some funky liquid, wait 30 minutes and then blow into a yellow tube. Apparently the test will tell them if the medicine has worked or not. I have no idea if I drank the uranium, blew into the uranium or had any sort of contact with the uranium. But I am told that it was there.

All that being said, when I went for the test, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I rolled with everything that the nurse was telling me to do. And for the most part, she really had nothing to say. The only time she actually made a comment was when I was blowing into the tubes.

Apparently, I blow really hard and really fast. Most people don’t usually blow like I blow.

Take from that what you will.

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