Principal’s Award

HE DID IT!!!!!

I just got an email from Maks’ teacher and he will be receiving the Principal’s award for the most improved student on Thursday. He has wanted this award since he actually starting trying last year. He was disappointed last year because even though he worked really hard, he did not win. He worked really hard this year and has really improved in all areas. But after last year, he had pretty much convinced himself that he would not be winning this award this year. And as far as I know, he doesn’t know that he is going to be winning the award this year.

I am over the moon proud of him. I was over the moon proud when I saw how well he was doing in general but I really thought that he would not be getting the award this year. I just figured even with all the improvements, and because he won the gym award last month, some other child would get the principal’s award. I was super happy to see the email from his teacher and I know as soon as he finds out about it, he will be super excited also.

I really am at a loss for words at this one, because I am just that proud.

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