Close your eyes for a minute, or ten

So remember how upset I was yesterday about Maks not getting his award?

Well, that is not exactly how it happened and so I need to correct some things.

First, Maks was not deflated. He was actually pretty damn near elated because it turns out that he was called out at the assembly and got the recognition that he had been waiting for.

Second, Millhouse did not see any of that part.

Now here is how all this went down. Millhouse was at the assembly. He showed up early so he could get a good seat and make sure that Maks saw him there. He ended up getting a seat towards the back but on the end so there was no one blocking him but he was not front and center.

The first part of the assembly was dedicated to the individual awards. It was for the kids that had gotten the principal’s award or the character awards. After that part of the ceremony, it turns to student performances. So they have the kids singing and putting on skits. After that part of the ceremony, all the kids that had won student awards; so outstanding keyboarding, outstanding reading and the gym awards are all called up together to stand at the front and get their round of applause. Then at the very end then they have school announcements about upcoming events and the principal gives her update about the state of the school. And then everyone is dismissed.

But a key point that should be noted for all this is that the microphone was broken at yesterday’s assembly. That meant that at some points of the program, it was hard to hear what was going on because even though the principal is extremely loud, a lot of the other teachers are not. It was especially hard to hear at the back of the auditorium, sitting behind ten classes of elementary school students who were all fidgeting around.

Now Millhouse remembers seeing everything except for the part where the student award winners got their round of applause. He swears that that part of the ceremony never happened. But Maks swears that that part of the ceremony did happen because he was there and he went up with the other kids for his accolades.

They were both able to tell me about things that happened at the beginning of the ceremony but Millhouse gets fuzzy towards the end.

Based on both of their versions of the events that took place, I have deduced that this happened; Millhouse feel asleep. Not a full blown snoring, drooling type sleep. More like let me shut my eyes for a minute because there are thirty children singing in French and I really don’t need to pay attention to this and he ended up keeping his eyes closed for more than a minute. He probably did not open his eyes and fully comprehend what was going on until the very loud principal started saying her closing remarks. So even if he did open his eyes during the performances he did not fully wake up to pay attention. And since he was dozing in or out, he would she would have missed when the softer speaking teachers called up the students for their student awards. Also, if he did wake up and look up towards the end and see a large group of kids standing around the stage, he most likely would have assumed that it was just another performance, not the student awards assembly. So he would have gone back to dozing until the announcements from the principal came down. Millhouse vehemently denies that this is what happened. But based on what I heard yesterday, I think that this is pretty much how it went down.

Now, I know you are asking why Maks did not see Millhouse. Well, it goes like this; he wasn’t looking for him. Remember we hadn’t told Maks that morning that his dad would be there for the ceremony and since Millhouse was in the back, if Maks did look out he would not have seen him. And even if he did get a glimpse of him, he would not have made the connection that it was Millhouse and he most likely would have just written him off as someone else’s dad and not retained it to memory. If Maks knew to expect Millhouse there, he would have made a conscious effort to look out for him and knowing Maks, he would have found him even if Millhouse was in the back of the crowd asleep.

So I learned two things from all this.

  1. Never send a sleep deprived Millhouse to a school assembly because it is just cruel and unusual punishment for him and it will only result in an peeved off phone call later in the day
  2. Always tell Maks when we are coming to the see him at the assemblies. Because even if we don’t see him, he will always find us.

Next time we will be better prepared.

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