Fool me once

Maks is getting an award!!

He is finally getting an award from the school.


It is not the Principles award or a character award. It is a gym award.

He is getting an award for outstanding sportsmanship and fair play.

It is not quite the award that I had always imagined him getting but it was an award and he was super excited to be getting it.

He told me about it on Tuesday. Now the thing is, usually the teacher(s) will send home a note saying that the student will be receiving an award and they will invite the parents to come in and watch the festivities. But I never received anything. At that point I was not sure if Maks had misheard the teacher and was not really going to get an award. He had already brought home his certificate on Tuesday so I had a feeling that he would not be getting recognized during the actual ceremony itself, which really upset me. If Maks has really convinced himself that he was getting an award and I didn’t want him getting disappointed by not actually getting recognized during the assembly.

So I emailed both of his teachers this morning to make sure that Maks was indeed going to get an award for gym today. And both of his teachers emailed me back and said that yes, Maks was going to get an award today. They also told me that he would not be called up individually to get his award; instead he would be recognized as part of a group of children at the end of the ceremony.

After they confirmed that yes, Maks would be getting an award, I called Millhouse and asked him to cut his sleeping short so that he could go into the school and cheer Maks on as he was recognized for his accomplishment. I thought that it would be a nice surprise for Maks to see his dad there. He had told us about the award but we never told him that one of us would be there to see it. I could not leave the office to get to the school in time. Millhouse would be sleeping at that time but if we timed it right; he could get up, go to the assembly, cheer Maks on, and then come back home to sleep.

Now it should be noted that Millhouse sleeps from 10am to about 3pm. This gives him around five hours of sleep a day. Some days, he falls asleep sooner and some days he falls asleep later and sleeps in to compensate for his lost sleeping time. Asking Millhouse to cut short his sleeping time is a pretty big deal because he gets so little sleep to start with.

Side note over, back to my story.

Millhouse cut his sleeping short today and got up at 1pm so he could get to the school in time to see Maks’ award assembly. He sat through the hour awards assembly and waited, and waited, and wait and eventually the ceremony ended and everyone left. And Maks got no recognition. There was no group recognition for the kids that had all won gym awards. There was nothing.

Millhouse was livid because he had lost sleep to watch other people’s children get awards. He was so mad that he couldn’t end up falling back asleep and ended up running errands. If he had known ahead of time that the gym awards would be cut from the program because of poor timing, he would have stayed at home and slept some more. Maks did see him there and he knew that his dad had come to cheer him on and I am glad for that. He knows that his dad was there to see him get his award and that was a bittersweet surprise.

Maks was deflated. He sat through the entire thing thinking that he would finally be recognized for being outstanding at something and he got nothing. I feel so bad for the kid. He tries so very hard at so many things and he knows he is getting better. And even when he is supposed to be treated a little bit special for trying hard, he gets nothing.

It would have been really nice if he just got the damn recognition.

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