Medically Recommended Lifestyle Change

Millhouse was diagnosed with high cholesterol last week. This is something major for him and with all the other health issues that he has going on, the doctor has decided that some major changes are required.

He is putting Millhouse on a medically supervised lifestyle change. He will be completely restricting how and what Millhouse eats. This program has been very successful but it requires dedication. There are fortnightly appointments with the doctor and blood draws at every visit and if they find out that you have been cheating you are kicked out of the program.

Because this will be a very difficult transition for Millhouse and since we could all use help in this regard and to provide Millhouse with some moral support, the boys and I will also be going on a modified version of the program.

Millhouse’s version of the program is extremely strict. For the first phase; he can only eat lean proteins and vegetables grown above ground with no sugars which means no potatoes, starches, corn, peas, tomatoes, carrots, onions, or garlic. So he cannot have fruit, dairy, grains, carbs, processed foods, loads of caffeine and anything with sugar. So for the first phase he will basically only be eating chicken salad or fish and leafy vegetables. He can have sweet peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and leafy greens.   That is all. He will be miserable.

The boys and I will have a phase one as well but ours will include dairy and grains.

Once Millhouse completes phase one, he moves on to phase two which is less restrictive. He can have limited dairy and some grains. But again his diet will be very strict because the doctor is not only trying to help him lose weight but also control his cholesterol. Once Millhouse makes it past the second phase, then he will be in the home stretch. The last phase is the maintenance phase and it is when he is supposed to use all the habits that he learned in the first two phases.

This all seems very extreme but I work with people that have gone through this and they have been very successful. Each of them lost 50+lbs and have kept it off for years. But they both say that you need to be dedicated to the program and not cheat. They told me that making it through phase one is the hardest. That is where we have to stay the most dedicated. If we can make it through phase one then we will be fine.

Once you hit the maintenance phase, you are allowed some junkier foods so that you don’t feel completely deprived and fall off the wagon. But both ladies have told me that you need to keep the junky treats to a minimum because once you start having them, and then it is really easy to fall back into old routines.

Millhouse has it doubly hard because he uses food to stay awake. Since he works nights, he will eat junk food to stay awake on his ride home or keep him moving during the night. He drinks a lot of coffee and pop as he is running around at night doing things because it helps to keep his mind off of how tired he actually is. Taking away all of those things will make his nights even harder. He will have to find other ways to keep himself awake or have the very real risk of falling back into his old habits. The boys and I will try to support him at home but when he is not with us is when he will have the most temptations. Right now he is taking his lunch and snacks with him but I think that the day he forgets his lunch at home, will be that really tests his resolve.

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