I think I want to go to summer school

Last night Maks’ school had an information night for parents to ask questions about the summer school that their kids would be attending this year.

Maks and I went for two reasons:

  1. I had questions
  2. I wanted to show Maks that going to summer school would not be totally horrible.

Now, to be completely honest, I expect summer school to be completely school based and not very much fun. When Maks was registered in the class, I was told that he would spend up to 75% of his day doing activities related to reading and writing. Hearing that makes me think that he is not going to be doing anything truly fun.

Again, I was wrong.

Summer school looks like so much fun.

There is an excursion every day to someplace that is really fun. They will be visiting the places during the day but still manage to incorporate reading and writing into the day every hour. Once an hour for fifteen to thirty minutes they will either be reading or writing or a combination of the two. But the way the activities are structured, the kids won’t realize that they have been reading and writing during that time.

Previous camps have allowed children to get caught up on the curriculum that they struggled with during the school year. It encourages learning all through the summer and gives them the tools to continue to learn even when they are not in class.

The summer school also has a session for parents to attend. We will learn the strategies that the kids are learning and be shown ways to encourage them to continue using these strategies over the summer and into the school year.

Both Maks and I are excited about summer school.

I think it I s really going to help him.

And he gets to have fun.

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