I am taking prenatal vitamins

No, I am not pregnant.

No, I am not trying to get pregnant.

I want my hair to grow.

I read somewhere that taking prenatal vitamins helps with hair growth so I decided to give it a try. My hair loss is becoming noticeable to people now and this has me really worried. I want to have my crazy hair back and I am hoping that this helps.

But after a month of taking them I noticed a side effect that I wasn’t expecting. The vitamins are making my boobs get bigger, which you know, isn’t a bad thing. I don’t have large boobies to start with so I welcome any help I can get in that department.

The only catch is, the girls are growing like they did in my last pregnancy.

One is getting bigger than the other.

Which is weird and a little hard to explain especially given that I am not pregnant.

Now if this was winter time, my lopsided boobs would be easy to hide. I would just throw on a bulky sweater and I would be ready to go but in the summer when sweaters are not an option, I am kind of stuck.

I am considering using chicken cutlets on one side until the girls catch up with one another.

That’s right, I have reverted to my pre – teen days and am considering stuffing my bra.

I swear, as I get older, I revert to my teenage ways more and more.

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