Losin’ It

I really need to pick up some more Ginkgo.  I have been so forgetful lately.  It’s getting really bad now.

This Monday I left myself a note, reminding myself to send out a very important email to someone.  But that was all that I wrote on note.  On the drive in, I kept reminding myself, that I had to send out that email and not to forget to send it in. Usually that’s all I need to remember who it is for and what it was supposed to be about.  Not this time.  When I sat down at my desk, the name of the person that I was supposed to send it to and the subject flashed in my head and then it was gone again.  Poof and I was stumped for most of the week trying to remember who the damn note was for and it wasn’t coming back to me.  I tried to retrace my steps and I even went through all my old files, but nothing.  It wasn’t until Friday that I remembered and by then, it had passed the deadline and my submission was late.

That really sucked.

I wasn’t always like it.  I used to have a stellar memory.  I remembered the most useless information and I could retain it for, what felt like, forever.  I can’t do that anymore.  If it wasn’t for the calendar on my phone and my task list at work, I would forget to do half the things that I had to remember to do.  I don’t know if this is all because I don’t take Gingko as much as I used to anymore but I really have to remember to start to take it more often.

So note to self; get more Gingko.

And no, this is not a paid post for Gingko.  It is more like a post to remind myself to get some more Gingko.

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