Chicken Wings & Mother Nature & A Juice Cleanse

**TMI WARNING:  This post is about stuff that’s not so pretty.  So if you are looking for something flowery, this isn’t it.***

I am off the juice cleanse for now.

Yesterday, I decided to start my Insanity workouts again.  I knew that being on a only juice cleanse and doing an Insanity workout would not work.  Insanity is very hardcore.  When I am eating three meals and two snacks a day, I am starving and drained after an Insanity workout.  I need to eat after I am done.

Have to eat.

So I decided to have some protein to prepare myself for the workout.  Now, I’m not stupid.  I knew how my body would react to having actual food in my stomach during the cleanse and I prepared myself mentally for it.  I got ready for the cramping, the bloating and over all uncomfortableness that would result a couple hours after eating.  But I did it anyway because I did not want to pass out during or after my workout.

So I had some chicken wings.

Was it the best and most healthy choice?


Was it the most convenient?


Did my body react the way that I thought that it would?

Totally.  But I was ready.  I knew to expect and I was OK.

Was I prepared for what else happened next?


About two hours after I ate, I got my period.  My period was about three days late when it finally showed up.  Now, my period is normally on time, all the time.  So it showing up three days late was a little distressing.  I ended up chalking it up to just a miscalculation on my part.  This period wasn’t like a normal period wither.  It was a lot lighter and no where as painful as my periods normally are.  That part I wasn’t really complaining about and just accepted it that way.

Then this morning, I started back my cleanse again and my period disappeared again.  So I ate something solid at about 2pm in anticipation of another Insanity workout and two hours after eating, my period came back again.  Now I am thinking that my period isn’t coming in like it normally would because my calorie intake is just that low.

So I am quitting the cleanse for now.  Not having my period around because my body is in starvation mode and is unable to menstruate properly is crazy.

The whole point of this thing was to get healthier not make myself sick.

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