Day 1 – Juice Cleanse

So I woke up this morning and followed through with my plan to start my juice cleanse today even though Beanz and I have a lunch date today.

My plan was to start as soon as I woke up but after going through all the things that I needed to do the first part of the cleanse, I realized that I had purchased the wrong types of ingredients.

So in the beginning of a snow storm, I ran over to the store for the right stuff.

And I started.

And nothing.

Things were supposed to start happening right away.

And nothing.

I am not sure if I did something wrong or if my measurements were off or what but nothing.

So I moved on to the second part.

And the opposite of what is supposed to happen is happening.

Apparently, these blasted juices are to fill you up and keep you feeling full all day.  Every single review I read said the exact same thing:  “I drank the juices all day and I wasn’t hungry at all”.

That’s not happening.


I want cheetos!!  And dried mangoes!  And a fried egg with toast and bacon!

But I have yet to eat a cheeto and I a trucking along with this blasted thing.

I am not overly cranky though.  I am more “lost” than anything else.  I spend a good deal of time, cooking, snacking and eating especially in the winter.  Take away the food component from my day and I don’t know what to do with myself.  And I don’t feel like doing anything else.  I want to cook and eat and I can’t and that is bothering me even more.

Only 9 and a half days to go.

Let’s see what happens.

Also, I am planning on vlogging this.  I am not sure if that will work or not because I have never really tried out this v – log thing but I am hoping that it works because I am way more vocal when it comes to my videos than I am my posts.

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