Watch The Throne

Beanz gave me two tickets to go see Jay Z and Kanye West in concert for my birthday.  We went to their show last night.  It was freaking AWESOME!!  I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it!  It was just Jay Z and Kanye performing.  They had really good visual effects but their performances are what did it for me.  They performed together and as individuals.  They did some of their new songs and a lot of their older songs.  It was a good mix of songs that got a lot of radio play and songs that weren’t so well known.

Jay Z was FIRE!!  Literally, every time he came on stage, there was fire.  He was amazing.  I am a huge Jay Z fan and have been from a long time and because of that I was really nervous, especially since this was the first time that I ever got to see him live.  I was afraid that his performance would not live up to the hype. 

And it didn’t.

It surpassed it. 

He was just, wow.

Kanye is still a prick but he’s entertaining.  He had lasers when he would perform and he did more of his soulful songs.  Beanz is the big Kanye fan and she thought that his set was just amazing.

But there were some things about the experience, not the show that I really didn’t enjoy.

  1. Don’t drink it if you can’t handle it:  this bothers me in any situation.  If you can’t handle your liquor, don’t consume it.  Falling over yourself and into other people, smacking other people in the head and spilling your drink on other people isn’t cute.  It doesn’t make the experience better.  It makes you into a jackass.
  2. If you’re an angry drunk, don’t drink:  I have no patience for angry drunks.  If you want to start fights when you start drinking, then you shouldn’t drink.  I paid my money to watch a concert not to see bitch slaps being traded or threats of violence being slurred at one another.
  3. Personal space is a good thing:  if you touch my ass, more than two times in 10 minutes, you are too close.  So back the hell up.  I understand wanting to dance but I don’t want / need you all up on me.
  4. If you want to get some, get a room:  I never understand couples that come to public events to dry hump one another.  If you want to give head or simulate sex positions, get a room and do the real thing.  When I reach over to get my drink, I don’t want to see the girl beside me kneeling in front of the dude she’s with.
  5. Drunk people who are invading my personal space in an attempt to have sex and end up getting into a fight:  yeah.  Really.  Boyfriend got so carried away with his banging from behind that his girlfriend ended up flying forward and falling over the seats in front of her and landing on her head.  Yeah.  When she got back up, she was so angry at her boyfriend that she started swinging her arms around and smacking him.  One of her smacks landed on the girl beside her, who turned around and pushed her.  They got into a verbal fight before the drunk girl, who flew over the seats, turned back to her boyfriend and continued her tirade.  No worries though, three songs later, I looked over and he had his hands in her pants.  I guess they made up. 

Good times.

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