My funny bone is broken

This is the follow up to the post about my cousin’s birthday.

Beanz and I went to my cousin’s birthday party on Saturday.  Even though we seriously considered it, we didn’t go to dinner instead.

I wish we did though.

I did not enjoy the comedy club, mainly because I didn’t find the comics funny.  Towards the end of the hour, I was ready to leave.

And to be completely honest, it had nothing to do with the company.  It’s true that I can’t stand a good bit of the people that were there, it wasn’t them that made the experience unpleasant.

I have a very specific sense of humour.  I find certain things funny and nothing else.  These comic were not in that specific group of funny.

There were three comics that performed for a total of 60 minutes.  The first two guys were on for 12 minutes and the last guy was on for about 30 minutes.  The last guy was the headliner and given the most time because he was supposed to be really funny. 

I didn’t think he was.

Here’s the breakdown.

The first comic was kinda scary.  He had a lot of self pity and “look at how sad I am” kind of jokes.  As his set went on, he got scarier and scarier, and not in a Freddy Kruger kind of way more like in a serial killer kind of way.   I am convinced that there is an episode of Criminal Minds based on him.

The second guy was the funniest of the bunch, in my opinion.  His jokes were based more on observations about sex.  He talked about phallic symbols, vibrators, and power tools.  He reminded of a lot guys that I knew in high school.

The last guy, the head liner, was OK.  He wasn’t scary but he wasn’t terribly funny either.  It was during his set that I started wanting to leave.  By the halfway point of his act, I was yawning a lot and ready to go.

The comedy club was an experience.  I went, I saw, I am never going back.

Next time I’m going to go to dim sum.

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