If there’s no food, why call it a party?

Beanz and I are going on a cousin from my mom’s side’s birthday tomorrow night.  Normally, we tend to avoid my mom’s family because they are status hungry, money mongering, gossip fiends and spending too much time with them makes my head explode.  So we avoid them.

This cousin is an exception.  Out of the 16 cousins that I have on my mom’s side, this is one of the three (!!!) that I can actually socialize with.  She seems genuinely nice and she always make an effort to come to our things so we make an effort to go to her things.

But with all that being said, Beanz and I don’t want to go.

She is having her “cousins” birthday party at t a local comedy club.  There are going to have drinks and we are going to see some very famous, local comic.  She’s invited just about every other cousin on my mom’s side of the family and a bunch of her friends and their significant others.

Do you see why Beanz and I don’t want to go?

Because there’s no food!!

We’re good in just about any situation with my mom’s family, as long as there is food.  Most obviously, because we can’t talk to them if our mouth is full.  Having booze readily available, is also a bad thing.  We tend to be more vocal about our distaste for them after a few drinks.

But the less than obvious reason we’re not happy about the lack of food thing is because we like to eat.  We actually like food and with the kids that we have, going out to eat at non kid friendly restaurant is a rare event for us.  When we get the chance, we jump on it.  And we’re getting the chance this time but we can’t jump on it because the non – parents that we are going with don’t realize that when they’re parents they won’t ever get this chance again.  Right now they’re more concerned with the alcohol than the food.

Blasted non – parents stealing our opportunity.

So we are seriously considering blowing off the party and going to a really nice restaurant to have a really good, chicken finger – less meal.

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