Another year older

Today Beanz gets another year closer to 30.  And she really does not want me to write this post. 

She has this deep seated hatred towards her birthday that started years ago.  Something awful happened and unfortunately for Beanz her birthday marks the anniversary of an event that someone very young should never have to experience.  She doesn’t like celebrating it and she doesn’t even like acknowledging that it exists.  She knows that she is getting older and that is good enough for her. 

But Beanz has a Stinky who is a birthday lover.  She wants to have parties, no matter the occasion a party is needed especially on her mommy’s birthday.  So much to Beanz’s chagrin we will have cake, ice cream, balloons and singing.  There will be presents, hugs, kisses, and laughter.  

So even though something truly tragic happened on this day many years ago but something truly wonderful happened today as well many more years ago. 

Happy Birthday Beanz with many more to come. 

Because no matter how much you annoy me, and trust me you annoy me to no end, I am glad that we didn’t throw that coconut away.

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