Random Thought Tuesday – Wait it’s August edition


Who do I have to speak to about getting a refund for this summer?  According to the calendar it’s August but that can’t be right.  It is cold, rainy, and there was just hail.  This isn’t some freak storm either.  We have been getting this since April.  And I am sick of it.  I need some sun and heat.  In 27 days it will be September, you can’t go to the beach in September.

 Speaking of days until – there are 143 days until Christmas.  I’m just saying.

 Someone just walked over and asked me to help pull the back of her strapless dress up over her back fat.  Here’s the scary part – I understood what she was asking me to do because I have asked Beanz to do the same thing with my strapless dresses.

 Speaking of Beanz – she is abandoning me.  Now that Caribana is over she is not going to be going to Socacize anymore.  She only wanted to get fit for the parade, she fully intends to slack off for the next 11 months and work out like a fiend next year right before the parade.  So I will be sweating all by myself.  I have a feeling that I am going to see her standing by the big window eating ice cream as I work out because she is evil like that.

 I changed my hair; it is now even more unruly than it was before.  I like it though; it suits me, in my mind anyway.  But I guess it is pretty drastic because someone asked me if I was going through a mid life crisis when they saw it.  So that made me all huffy and I told them that I am not old enough to be going through a mid life crisis, that most likely this was a quarter life crisis thankyouverymuch!

 Speaking of age (I swear I am done after this) some dude told me I looked 17 this weekend.  Yes, he was inebriated and he had very squinty eyes and it was really dark but I believed him anyway.  It’s the hair.

 So that’s my randomness for today but if you want the cream de la cream head over to the Un Mom, she’s got the good stuff.

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