Lint Trap

A couple of nights ago I decided to help hubby with the laundry. I wasn’t out of the goodness of my heart, it was because I had no clean underwear and there were clothes sitting in the washer for days. So I jumped in and re-washed the stuff in the washer, and put them into the dryer to dry. When I went to clean out the lint catcher I was very surprised. I was full. So full in fact that it was stuck on the dryer. I cleaned it out and went upstairs to discuss our linty clothes with hubby. Guess what I found out, he wasn’t cleaning the lint trap. He thought that it was something that had to be done once a month!! Dude, so all those times when I’ve yelled down the stairs to remind you to clean the lint trap, you thought I was just talking for the sake of talking. No, I was reminding of something that could be potentially very dangerous. Full lint traps can cause fires!! Geez, I don’t know when I turned into my mother but I think I may have to take over the laundry again.

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