Change Sucks!

So my office, no scratch that, the entire company I work for, is in a state of change. Globally we have lost something like a bazillion dollars and the axe is falling all over the place. Everyone is jumping ship before it is too late but I am still here.

I am not sure what to do, do I wait it out or do I just sit around and wait to be laid off. I have senority I have been around for almost five years now and there are junior people that they will probably let go of first but what if???

What if – I stay and they let everyone else go, and my workload doubles or triples. That would suck, I mean I’m already stressed out as is, added work would only serve to compound my frustration and then I would wish that I left.

But what if – I’m let go. I would get a package that would last me almost half a year but then what? I have worked in the same company for so long and I have created my niche. If I started somewhere else then I have to start all over again, and I am not sure I can handle fighting my way up the corporate ladder, again.

But then what if – I stay and I remain static in the position I am in. I mean I am not overly ambitious or want to be the CEO but I don’t want to be a lifer in a the same position in the same company until I retire. I mean I am starting to see it already, being passed up for promotions because I was on maternity leave and watching the people that I trained get more senior positons than myself.

It’s frustrating!

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