Noteable events that I wasn’t made aware of until after the fact

Yesterday I was over at my parents house and I found out about some of the stuff that my son has been doing while they were watching him that they hadn’t told me about. And I discovered that my baby is quite a little bugger when I am not around. I mean he has just mastered walking so I figured that he would be keeping them on their toes but never to this extent.

He got his head stuck in the railing around the porch. Apparently he was reaching for something in the garden and he decided that the fastest way to get it was through the railing. So my mom had to dislodge him from the railing as he was screaming in protest.

He pulled down the clock that was in the living room. My dad was showing him the clock and he decided that he wanted to play with it so he pulled it off of the wall, breaking the bottom in the process.

He tried to eat an entire orange, skin and all. He grabbed an orange off the kitchen table and attempted to eat his way through the peel. He wasn’t very successful and got very angry at the peel.

He knocked over my mom’s flower pot and proceeded to eat the contents.

And all this occured in the span of two hours!! I am not sure when he turned into this little terror but OMG I wouldn’t want to babysit him. I still love him though 🙂

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